Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost and Found

I am not a car mechanic and have never claimed to be.  So, when David's car developed a problem with the water reservoir of his VW Passat, I certainly had no clue.  David pulled the part out, and we tried to find a replacement.  Unfortunately, many auto part stores do not carry that item.  So, a church member told me about a VW repair shop and we got the part, so it's all fixed.  David took the part out and replaced it today.  All seems well with that.

We (Sondra, me and David) went to 24 Hour Fitness on Monday morning and stayed for about an hour and a half.  It feels good to sweat and get exercise again.

I called Monday to check on my friend who has been working on my Sebring.  Two weeks ago, he left to go to South Carolina to visit his kids back there.  I just found out he decided to stay back there and find work.  So, I am left to figure out what to do about a car.

Yesterday morning started off with a shock.  I had finished getting dressed and was in the bathroom for a moment when I noticed my wedding ring was missing off my left hand.  Every once in a while, it feels loose but I had not had trouble with it coming off.  Well, I looked all over the house where I had been that morning but to no avail.  I felt devastated.  It could have happened outside the night before, it could be somewhere in the house down a hole, so what could I do?  I just went about the day, hoping beyond hope that I would find it.  Lo and behold, when I went to bed last night, I took my clothes off and kicked of my tennis shoes.  Guess what?  When I kicked off my left shoe, it bounced a few feet away and my wedding ring came rolling out of it!  I couldn't believe it.  I quickly tied string to it, put it in a plastic baggie and will have it resized immediately.  It was lost, but now is found!  I am so happy.  When December 21 rolls around next month, I will have worn this ring 39 years.

This morning I went to Coronado Stone manufacturing plant to give a devotional again.  I spoke about the landowner and his three workers who were given "talents" (money) to invest and use in his absence.  The Biblical story talks about two of the workers doubling the money while the third one buried his and therefore brought back nothing to show for his money.

I used that to talk about that which God has entrusted to us.  Using the illustration of my wedding ring, I said that it had value but was "lost."  It was still worthwhile but nonetheless useless when lost.  We have worth in God's economy but it is useless when "lost" on the world's appetites.  I also used an illustration of a transit bus I saw going down the street recently.  It said "Out of Service" on its windows.  I related that to our lifestyles as Christians at different times.  From the outside, we look like we are useful, we go down the street like we are doing our Christian duty and ministry, but we fail to "carry our load" and do our part for the sake of the Kingdom.  We are "out of service" as far as God is concerned.  We must get back on track and serve in only those ways that He has designed for us.

As I was at the Coronado plant for a few more minutes talking to several people, I had a chance to talk with the owner (Mel Bacon) as well.  He had indicated earlier this past summer that he had an huge air conditioning unit that he was willing to donate to our church.  I asked him if that offer still stood, and he was excited to help and even came into the office to direct another person to help us go look at it.  This is awesome!  The unit is brand new, never been used and it is being donated to our church for free.  How great is that?

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