Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip - Part One

We are now home!  It is good to be home and sleeping in our own bed.  We love to travel and we love to go see loved ones and friends, but it is always a welcome sight to see home and familiar surroundings.

Here's a review of the last two weeks.

We had planned on leaving on Sunday afternoon, November 14, after church to head out to Oklahoma.  Didn't happen that way at all.  At 2 am Sunday morning, I was awake and sick.  Suffice it to say that I could not stray from the bathroom during the rest of the night.  As soon as I felt I could call someone, I contacted a minister friend (Joe Lick) to preach that morning's service.  All day I was sick.  We went to bed hoping I would feel better by Monday morning to leave.

Late Monday morning I felt better and was prepared to try to travel.  We took off and within hours I began to need a "bathroom stop" every so often.  We continued, as I was determined to make it.  All day long, we stopped at every McDonald's for me to use the "facilities."  Sondra was a true trooper and drove without complaining.  She wanted to stop for a motel early but I wanted to get as far as possible.  We finally made it to Gallup that first night around midnight.

I was finally feeling better through the night, and then Sondra began throwing up at both ends (and I'm trying to be careful how I say it) about 2 am Wednesday morning.  We were cautious as we left as I was weak, and Sondra was not feeling well at that point.  We persisted and finally made it to Shawnee and received the "midnight special discount" at the local La Quinta hotel there.  We did not want to stay with family members because we did not want to "infect" anyone because they would possibly get what we had.

We called mom.  We checked out at noon and went to mom's, as Sondra was feeling better.  Mom was willing to take the risk so we could have a place to rest and recover.  We were not going to Jason and Shelly's house because of their five-month old baby Macyn, who was sick already with a congestion problem.  After getting a haircut in nearby Tecumseh, we just rested and visited with mom the rest of the day.  Mom made homemade potato soup and corn muffins for dinner.  It was just what we needed!  Before going to bed, I did some study for the Sunday School lesson for the coming Sunday morning, as mom is the teacher and asked me to lead the discussion and teaching time for her.  It is always a great joy to teach her class of "very senior adult ladies."  They are always so sweet and gracious to me as I share the Bible with them.

Thursday morning, we had breakfast with mom and afterwards I did the morning newspaper crossword puzzle with mom.  That is a daily routine that is still fun and challenging.  Sondra did some shopping before heading out to pick up Jace and Kylee from their school that day.  We spent the evening with Jason's family, as he cooked dinner there.  It was great fun getting to know little Macyn.  She is so cute and is such a good baby, requiring little more than constant personal attention and care.....ha ha!  Seriously, she is a happy baby who sleeps through the night most of the time.  That night we played the newest version of the game "Clue" with the grandkids.  We went back to mom's to spend the night.

On Friday morning, Sondra did some last-minute shopping.  That afternoon, we again picked up the grandkids from school and spent the rest of the day with them.

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