Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Trip - Part Three

Monday, November 22, was another short shopping day.  Sondra bought a little pink New Testament for Macyn.  My camera quit working, so I went to K-Mart and found a bargain deal for a 15-megapixel GE camera.  Another important errand was to pick up my wedding ring, which I had re-sized at a family-owned jewelry shop in downtown Shawnee.

While waiting for Sondra at the mall, I received several phone calls from California.  One was from a lady in Hesperia who had read about our homeless feeding, reading it in the newspaper last February!  She had her kids and neighbors collect clothes and other items todistribute to the homeless, as a project for her children.  I had her contact our coordinator in the church and the connection was made.  That was awesome.

Then, I received a call from the Chino Valley Christian School, wanting to again donate to our Homeless Ministry this year as they had done last year at Christmas time.  I am scheduled to attend a chapel service on December 8 to receive the small bags of toiletry and sundry items to pass out during our Christmas feeding.  In addition, the coordinator at the school knows a friend at Channel 9 TV news who is a believer.  It has now been arranged for Channel 9 to come and film the ceremony and for me to be interviewed about our weekly feeding to the homeless in Fairmount Park in Riverside!  That is something very humbling.

After picking up Jace and Kylee from school, we drove into Oklahoma City to do some needed errands.  After that, we went a few more miles to Arcardia to visit Pop's, a world-famous hamburger diner and soda pop gas station.  They have hundreds of bottles and flavors of old-time soda pop in glass bottles.  We ate dinner with the kids and bought some soda pop to take home.  Quite fun.

To wrap up the day, we spent the evening with Jason's family passing out our Christmas gifts to them.  We decided it would be great fun to watch them open them during our visit, rather than waiting for them to open them on Christmas Day.  This way, we would enjoy watching their excitement and joy as they opened gifts with us there. 

It was fantastic, with the anticipation and squealing and emotions of both Jace and Kylee, especially.  Jace was teary with joy, so expressive about how happy he was with his gifts.  It really was a very special evening.

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