Friday, December 17, 2010

The Langdon Side of the Family

Sondra's side of the family (the Langdon clan) is gathering together this weekend in Bakersfield to celebrate the Christmas season with a meal and sharing of gifts.

Sondra's father and mother are no longer living, so the siblings try to find a time to have family get-togethers for some of the holidays during the year.  It is rather difficult, as all our families have adult children spread out over the country and even overseas.  The difficulty is compounded by the added fact of the differences in schedules of work and travel for everyone involved when we try to plan something together.  Anyway, we found a day this year that works the best.

This year, we are going to go to Sondra's youngest brother's home in Bakersfield for Christmas family time.  All the brothers and sisters will be there (from oldest to youngest):  Alden, Sondra, Sharon, Alice and Danny.  Some of the children (all of whom are adults now) will be able to come, so they will have a great time being with their cousins.  Evan and Callie, along with Shawn and Crystal and Bailey, will be there.

We will spend tomorrow (Saturday, December 18) together, and then Sondra and I will return as I will be preaching Sunday at church.

However, we leave today.  Sondra is working this morning, and we (that is, me and Alden) will pick her up around 1 pm.  Today is also graduation day for our niece Jennifer (Roger and Julie's daughter).  She graduates from California Baptist University, and her graduation ceremony is at 2 pm.  We will go immediately to the graduation, and after attending that we will then head out to Bakersfield.  There is rain in the forecast, so we hope we make it safely through the mountain pass of the Grapevine (Gorman and Frazier Park area) because of the threat of snow on the interstate highway.

Because we will need a place to stay tonight in Bakersfield, I went on Priceline last night and bid on 4-star hotel accomodations and got the Four Seasons Sheraton Hotel for $37.  I was happy with that!

On another happy note, I took my Chrysler Sebring to another mechanic yesterday to work on the engine.  He hopes he doesn't have to do too much to get it going.

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