Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day

Today is an important day in our American history.  Lives were lost as enemy planes came diving out of the sky at Pearl Harbor.  It drew us into the Second World War of this past century.  Freedom does have a price, as many lives were given in the war around the world.  It reminds us of a great spiritual truth, that eternal freedom has a price and Jesus paid it for us.

Sunday was a wonderful day at church.  The worship hour seemed blessed, and after the worship hour I had the opportunity to lead a young lady to saving faith in Jesus.

In my sermon, I spoke about our need as Christians to be committed just as the knights of long ago.  Prior the ceremony of knighthood, as it was formalized under George I in 1725, the knight-to-be participated in a vigil of fasting, prayer and bathing.  The individual then gave up old clothes for new that symbolized purity and a commitment to put the past behind for the challenge of the future.  The knight was called to live a life of service, sacrifice in reverence to God and a purity of heart.

Here is a quote that includes the call to knighthood included a vow of allegiance and a call to holiness: 

"Brother, the King our Sovereign Lord wills it that you take up this high and worshipful order, which as a knight I declare to you certain points that belong to this high order of knighthood.  You shall love God above all things, be steadfast in faith, sustain the church, and be true to your Sovereign Lord.  Be true to your word and promises, be secure in this.  Also, you shall sustain widows in their rights, anytime they require you, maidens in their virginity, helping them and succorring them in your good that they not be misgoverned for their own faults.  You shall sit in no place where an evil judgement should be wrongfully given, to anybody, according to your knowledge.  You shall suffer no murderers, nor extortions of the people withing the Country where you dwell, but with your power you shall put them into the hands of justice, that they be punished as the King's Law require."

This requires humility, holy living and depth of commitment.

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  1. I love reading your blog. It inspires. Thank you for all you share. From Susie