Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was Tuesday, December 21.

On Tuesday, December 21, 1971, Sondra and I were married in Bakersfield, California, on a dusty, windy, wintry evening.  I had driven back home three days earlier from Ft. Benning, Georgia.  I had just finished NCO School and Airborne School in my Army training and was taking Christmas leave to get married.

So, yesterday to the very day (Tuesday), was our 39th anniversary.  I bought Sondra some flowers, candy and a card.  We went to the movies and saw "The Tourist," an action movie with the majority of the plot taking place in Venice, Italy.  Sondra and I spent some time in Venice after I was stationed in Germany in 1973.  After the movie, I took her to a very upscale quaint restaurant, the Sycamore Inn, which has been around since 1868!  We both had a wonderful filet mignon steak dinner.

Today, David and Meche came over to help "trim the tree."  We had waited until Meche arrived from Mexico to decorate our Christmas tree.  The tradition in Mexico is different from ours, and Meche had never had a Christmas tree nor had she ever decorated one.  So, this was a first for her.  It was a fun time.

Then, this evening we went to see the beautiful Christmas lights on the homes in Alta Loma, specifically where Sapphire and Thoroughbred Avenues come together.  It is so well-known and famous, that the police have cruisers and barriers to control the traffic down the streets of this area.  We made it a family affair, with me and Sondra, David and Meche, Shawn and Crystal and Bailey, as well as Roger and Julie and Jennifer.

We are certainly enjoying this time of year!

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