Monday, January 10, 2011

Planning with the Church Calendar

It has been quiet around here lately.  Meche was here for two and a half weeks with David, and we got used to more hustle and bustle and activity.  Especially because of her presence and because of the holiday season.  All the Christmas stuff is down and put away.  Meche has flown back home safely.  Evan was gone the weekend, going snow-boarding and softball game and all.  So, it was a quiet and chilly weekend around here.

Saturday I attended a monthly meeting at our denominational Association Office in Riverside.  I picked up Pastor George (of our Chatsworth mission church) and we had breakfast and met with other pastors for the morning.  It was a session on the importance of being faithful in every way with our spouses - physically, emotionally, spiritually.  The stress and toil of ministry can hinder our relationships with family, and therefore we must guard our family unity carefully.  Having gone through some difficult times in the past, it is always a good reminder to protect the valuable relationship I have with a wonderrful wife.  Our marriages are a treasure to take care of in both open and quiet ways.

Sunday was a day in which God's spirit was very evident.  The music ministered to us and the message seemed to touch the hearts of many, as quite a few came down the aisle for prayer and commitment.  I preached from Matthew chapter 2 in which Joseph took Mary and Jesus down to Egypt, having been told to go in a dream by the angel of God.  Change is always hard, especially going to a foreign country to survive.  Then, some years after in a later dream, he was called to return home to Nazareth.  Going home is never the same, as our life's circumstances have changed.  We must start our lives anew and see the future with a new perspective.  God gives us grace and strength in all our new beginnings.

Sunday evening we had a church planning meeting.  At the end of this month, we are holding a Celebration Worship Service to highlight our tenth year as a church.  On the first Sunday of January 2001, we held our very first worship service with a handful of people.  It truly has been an amazing journey in these intervening years.

I woke up today with a congested chest and not feeling very well at all.  I am staying home, resting and doing what I need to do so I can get well.

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