Monday, January 24, 2011

Today is Double Special

I know the title should read "doubly special," but I like the term double special better!

Today is my parent's anniversary date.  On January 24, 1941, Adolph Lee Greenwalt married Alice Marjorie Bergeron in the pastor's study of Immanuel Baptist Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  After the short ceremony by the pastor with no one else present, they took a train to Aunt Jo's house, and then later that day took another train to Aunt Mae's house.  What a different type of day we have for weddings and honeymoons today!

When my dad passed away in 1995, they had been married 54 years.  Today marks 70 years since their wedding day so many years ago.  Mom and Dad showed us how to live a married life with purpose and devotion and harmony.  I am grateful for parents who were role models for me.  It is a tough issue in our society today to focus on the real foundations we must have for lasting relationships.  I hope I can be that role model for my children and for those who follow after me in life.

For those of you who may not know, mom still teaches a Sunday School class to this day, even at the age of 87, at her church in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.

Here is a picture of mom from last Thanksgiving.

The other thing special about today is that it is my sister's birthday.  On January 24, 1948, a little girl was born Maudie Carol Greenwalt in a small town by the name of Bells, Texas.  This sister, Marti, is my favorite sister.  Did I say that she is my only sister as well?  Ha ha.  Seriously, Marti and I grew up being two years apart in birth order (she is older!), and we have wonderful memories of school days and home life and Glorieta work experiences.  Even as adults, we have shared some special times (California Baptist College days, her graduation overseas, my trip to Japan to preach, and sending school children's letters to her students in Africa when I taught special ed at a middle school here in Rialto).  I am thankful for a sister who loves family, who loves life, who loves to open her home with a hospitable spirit, and who shows a complete dedication to a servanthood lifestyle.  I hope she lives many more fruitful years for the Kingdom's sake.

Here are some photos of Marti from last Thanksgiving also.

To both Marti and Mom, have a blessed day today!

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