Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Year 2011 A.D.

In this Anno Domini (Year of our Lord) 2011, may we start with a heart to bless God.  We seem to always want God to bless us, but we need to bless him as well.  The Psalmist said it clearly, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me.  Bless his holy name."  To bless another is to show worth.  When we bless God, we speak about and indeed show his worth to all.  His worth is beyond comprehension, as his love is unbounded and free.  Let us begin this year with a desire to know him and serve him more fully.

The end of last year was so much fun, with Meche here with us for the holidays to see David.  It seems like our days were always punctuated with special times and places to eat.  We wanted to enjoy the company of one another with eating and fellowship.

Last Wednesday, we went to Red Lobster as Meche was looking forward to a dinner there.  On Thursday, we had some gift cards for Claim Jumper and decided that was the night to eat there.  On Friday (which was New Year's Eve) we went to a small "hole-in-the-wall" Italian pizza and pasta diner and had the best pizza.  On Saturday, we went to see True Grit at the local theater and were thoroughly entertained.  That was New Year's Day so we went early and were pleased to find that the shows were not crowded at that time period.  That evening we ate leftovers and party snacks, staying up (napping every once in a while) until midnight.  We poured some bubbly (Martinelli's Sparkling Cider), toasted and went directly to bed!

Sunday morning was church.  What a wonderful way to start the year.  I preached on developing a deeper relationship with our Father in heaven through the disciplines of love - time in prayer, Bible study, worship, testimony, giving, servant ministry work, and fellowship with his people.  A man talked to me after church, wanting to give a substantial sum of money to help our ministries as he was recently blessed by a family member.  Another couple living together came to me with their pledge of abstinence until I am able to do their wedding ceremony.  It was an awesome day in the Lord's presence.

Sunday afternoon we met at Cuca's Mexican Restaurant for lunch.  Monday morning, David and Meche and I went to a local Mexican market named El Super, which has a small "food court" with all kinds of ready-cooked foods to eat on the premises or take home.  We went and ate breakfast there!  I had Mexican eggs, rice and chili verde (pork meat) with corn tortillas.  So tasty and good.  Tuesday we had breakfast at a Mexican place called Las Playas, where you get chips and salsa with breakfast.  Tonight, we dine at Appleby's and start saying farewell to Meche, as she leaves tomorrow very late in the evening.  It will be sad to see her go.  It has been so enjoyable for us all, but naturally more so to David.  He will miss her greatly as she flies back to Chiapas.

In conclusion, I have decided to take up a new occupation.....I will now start being a food and restaurant critic.....ha ha.

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