Monday, February 21, 2011

Gospel Trio

Saturday afternoon was fun.  We went to lunch with Shawn/Crystal/Bailey and Evan/Callie at the Red Robin restaurant.  Actually, it was a time to meet up and get Bailey for the afternoon.  Shawn and Crystal made plans to go to a movie that day, and so we enjoyed taking care of our grandbaby for a while.

Saturday night and the dark early hours of Sunday morning brought a huge rainstorm.  But, when we woke up Sunday morning, the sun was shining with very few clouds left behind.  The temperature was very cool, but the rains were done.

I had a concert scheduled for our morning worship service.  Sondra's cousin (Janet Johnson) from Taft has a married son who lives and works in Sacramento.  This son, Jeff, formed a gospel trio several years ago and tours as time and opportunities are available.  His group, Solid Ground, came and sang for almost an hour and a half, with testimony and sharing their life stories in between.  It was a wonderful time of worship through old and new gospel style songs.  One song in particular was memorable with its message.  The song was titled "The Prodigal Dad."  It dealt with the thoughts and feelings and actions of the father of the Prodigal Son mentioned in the gospel accounts.  It was a very moving song.  The names of the singers in this first picture are (from L to R):  Randy Wold, Jeff Johnson and Seth Weiss.

We took the group to the Cuca's Mexican restaurant here in Rialto after the service.  They relaxed and we talked at length, leaving the place around 2:30 pm.  It was an enjoyable time of talking about family and friends.

Sondra is off work today, so we are planning to do some special things this afternoon as a "birthday and holiday weekend" celebration, as her birthday is tomorrow (Tuesday, February 22).  We are planning a family dinner at a steakhouse in Corona tomorrow evening.

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