Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sondra's Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays really are a time of having fun and doing special things.

Sondra has always looked at her birthday events as important.  She wants to actually celebrate her birthday dinner on the "real day" instead of a weekend previous or following.  And that works for me.  For some people, it makes it inconvenient, because weekends contain more free time than regular weeknights.  I feel that whatever makes it important, special and enjoyable for someone is OK with me.  If that is what makes the sun shine brighter that day, let's make the sun shine brighter.  Life is too short not to enjoy and spoil each other!

So, Tuesday was planned for the birthday dinner.

But, on Monday, we started the brithday fun because it was a holiday.  Sondra had a coupon for Mimi's Cafe and we went there for lunch.  Afterwards, we went to the early afternoon showing of "The King's Speech" at the theater.  There has been so much hype about this movie, as Oscar night approaches and all the awards will be given.  We enjoyed the movie, but I think I was expecting more as the plot crescendoed to its close.  All in all, though, it was extremely well done with powerful performances.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was Sondra's birthday.  Yes, she and George Washington share the same day.  Before she was up and about and ready for work for the morning, I went quickly and bought flowers (a dozen red roses) and chocolates and a balloon (along with a special birthday card from me) to have on the hallway table when she was up, showered and ready for coffee.  She hardly ever eats breakfast on most mornings, but we wanted to do something different so I also bought some needed grocery items that morning to have a hot breakfast for her (and us).  David did most of the cooking, and we had a huge breakfast of bananas, orange juice, eggs, sausage patties, and hot biscuits right out of the oven.  Evan works the night shift and arrived home just in time to sit down with us, so there were four of us having a "birthday breakfast" -- David, Evan, Sondra and me.

Sondra worked her regular part-time morning hours at her school (8 am to noon), and then we picked up grand-daughter Bailey for the afternoon.  This little girl is so precious and fun, but still a handful as she will turn two years old in about six weeks.  She can be stubborn, fun and whiney all within the space of 60 seconds.  Here is a picture of Bailey being silly, as she put on Grandma's (Sondra's) glasses.

We had planned a dinner at the Lone Star Steakhouse in Corona, about a half hour away (in good traffic).  We arranged to meet Evan and Callie there, as well as Shawn and Crystal as we brought Bailey with us in our car.  David was able to be with us for this occasion too.  As part of the service and entertainment at this Texas-style steakhouse, it was unique to have all the waitresses stop and begin to line dance at various times when the restaurant played country songs specifically for that purpose.

Sondra and I had steak and lobster combos, and they were delicious.  At the end of the meal the kids had birthday presents to give, and I brought a special birthday cake with candles (which we lit and had Sondra blow out) at the restaurant.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and the whole bit.  It was a good birthday for Sondra.

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