Monday, March 14, 2011

Hockey Game, Part Two

The plan to attend the hockey game on Friday evening was for it to be eventful and fun, but it did not turn out the way it was intended.  It was eventful, that's for sure.  Just not the way we thought.  We were to relax and have fun and enjoy the night.  But, due to my "jumping over the seats" incident, it ended with me at the hospital for several hours.

Well, I felt well enough to try it again on Saturday night, as we were offered free tickets for the next night.  David took me and Sondra to dinner first at Appleby's for my "birthday" dinner prior to the game.  Then, Shawn/Crystal/Bailey met us at the arena.  We had a great time, with no accidents or incidents!  I think I stayed in my seat for the entire game.....ha ha.  Our hometown team, the Ontario Reign, won the game as well.

On Saturday, I was not sure how good I would feel on Sunday morning, so I had someone else lined up to preach for me.  I went to church and led the service, all except for the preaching.  With the band-aid patch over my forehead, I had to tell the full story of what happened.  Sondra elaborated (to the entire congregation) how I had to press a Pamper diaper (from Bailey's diaper bag) to my head to stem the flow of bleeding.  As our music leader stepped to the microphone before the next song, he said:  "I am so glad to hear that our pastor is being 'pampered.'"  It was hilarious.

We came home and rested all afternoon.  The birthday dinner outing planned for last week was postponed until last night (Sunday evening).  Sondra, Alden, David and I drove down to Corona to meet Evan and Callie, Shawn and Crystal and Bailey for dinner at the Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill restaurant.  It is noted for its BBQ dishes, so I ordered a full rack of baby back ribs.  Delicious and had some left to bring home

We have been talking to family back in Missouri and Oklahoma, naturally, throughout the course of my "incident" and current "recovery."  With my meds (specifically, the blood thinner I am taking), this was cause for a little bit of concern, but all is going well.

I haven't posted any pictures of our "little cutie" in Shawnee for a while, so I want to end with some photos from Oklahoma.  Here are some picture of my grandkids back there, especially little Macyn who has just discovered her hands and has learned to clap.

Life goes on, but at a slower pace this week for me!

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