Saturday, March 26, 2011

Nephew in Town

Our nephew, Steven Greenwalt (my brother Noel's son), was in the area yesterday as his truck was being serviced at the Schneider terminal in Fontana.  He had a few hours free, so Sondra and I picked him up and took him to Sundowner's restaurant for dinner.  They were having a steak and shrimp dinner special for $5, so all three of us ordered it!  It was good, and we had a great visit.

After eating, we took Steven home for about an hour and a half, just to relax and chat some more.  David was at the home of one our church members.  Our friend and church member, Ken, is a graphic artist by trade and was so helpful in creating a design for the cover of David's book.  Steven had hoped to see David too, but it didn't work out.

Evan was at work.  Crystal was sick.  Roger was out of town at his boat in Oxnard.  So, Steven got the luck of the draw and spent the evening with me and Sondra!  Lucky guy.....ha ha.

So, about 8 pm I took Steven back to his truck as he said his next trip would take him all the way to Wisconsin.  The life of a trucker is interesting!  I love talking to him about his adventures on the road.  We also reminisced and heard more tales of his teenage years working on boats and schooners in Maine.  That was fun.

Here's some photos from yesterday (with the Sundowner sign in one):

I am including a picture of the tentative creation for the cover of David's book.  He is inviting comments on how it gives a first impression.  Also, he is inviting anyone to read a preview of his book, and then to give any feedback and thoughts.  This has been a unique experience for his writing process.  It has also given me some impetus to get some of my writings into print.

Anyway, you can write to David at this email address..... .....and he will be glad to give you a download for reading his book.  Here is his book cover:

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