Saturday, March 12, 2011


Oh, my goodness.  Want to hear the latest?

Last night, my daughter and son-in-law (Crystal and Shawn) with grand-daughter Bailey took me and Sondra to a minor league hockey game close by in Ontario.  It was part of my belated birthday, as I was sick last weekend.  So, we met them at the arena at 6:30 pm.  Got the tickets and went in.  We had seats 7 rows up from the ice, just behind one of the goalie nets.  The game had not started, so Shawn was going to go get some hot dogs, and I told him I would help.

I was on the inside of the aisle, and not wanting to make everyone get up and let me out, I decided to step over the seat in front of me as there were no people in those seats yet.  Well, I got my left leg over and then the right one, but just then my right foot slipped through the opening of the back of the seat.  I fell sideways and cracked my head on the arm of the arena seat.  My foot was caught and I began to bleed from my forehead wound.

I finally got up, and not having anything to press against the gash, Crystal gave me one of Bailey's Pamper diapers to hold against my head.  I was a sight!  Security from the arena came down quickly and escorted me up to the main floor to be seen by the First Aid responders at the arena.  They cleaned me up and put a huge bandage and wrap on my head.  They also instructed me to go straight to ER somewhere close to have stitches, as the cut was about 1 1/2 inches long and 2 cm wide.

Sondra took me directly to the VA hospital and I got the necessary care done in a couple of hours.  I needed 11 stitches and then they gave me a tetanus shot as added precaution (because I could not remember my last tetanus booster).  Got home about midnight.

Crazy day!
Here I am before going to ER.

Here I am after ER!

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  1. And the celebrating of your bday is yet again delayed. I think you better give it up this year. HA!!!