Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Trip on Short Notice

Our brother David has finally received permission to travel outside his previous 50-mile limit.  There were two things he had talked about doing, once he was able to go some distance without restriction.  One was to go to the Wasco cemetery and see where Dad is buried.  The other was to visit the little town of Solvang, as mom and dad had recounted many times about how quaint and European it is.

So early yesterday (Wednesday) morning, Sondra and I and David jumped in the car and headed north.  We arrived in Bakersfield and ate breakfast.  Then we drove by the Crystal Palace, built some years ago by Buck Owens, who also bought the famous "Bakersfield" sign when it was taken down from the old Hwy 99 entrance to town.  Buck Owens restored it and placed it at the entrance to his Crystal Palace. 

Then we drove over to East Bakersfield and took a look at the old Trinity Baptist Church, where my dad pastored in the 1960s.  This church is now being used to start a new Set Free congregation there.

We drove further north, telling stories and reliving memories of when Dad pastored in Wasco.  It began to sprinkle as we entered the town.  By the time we arrived at the Wasco cemetery, it was coming down at a faster pace.  Sadly, we could not stay as long as we had planned because of the rain.  We took time at Dad's headstone, and then some time at Truett's headstone.  Cold and wet, we climbed back in the car and drove out of town.

We had rooms reserved over in Santa Maria, so we headed west to the coast.  By the time we checked in our Holiday Inn rooms, we had left the rains behind.  We drove up to Pismo Beach and walked the town and out to the end of the pier.  Since there are some very good seafood restaurants, we went and had fish and chips for dinner.

After a good night's sleep, David and I quickly ran over to a cinnamon roll shop in Pismo, as Sondra was getting up for the day.  (Yes, we brought her a cinnamon roll and coffee back!)  We checked out and drove south to the little town of Solvang, a very fun and interesting place to visit.  It is basically a Danish style city, with many other European influences in architecture and foods -- German, Dutch, French, etc.  We wanted to taste some Danish pastries (not American made pastries with a Danish title) and found a small bakery for that.  After walking around, we found a Danish restaurant advertising soups (Potato and Leeks, and also a Split Pea with Ham), Danish sausages, and aebleskivers (a pancake-like batter made into a small deep-fried ball and covered with rasberry jam and powdered sugar).  It was delicious!

We took more time walking and driving around, just like real tourists.....ha ha.  Around 2 pm this afternoon (Thursday), we headed back to Rialto and home.  Good trip and wonderful memories to share.

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