Monday, March 21, 2011

Stitches Out

Friday night I went back to ER to have the stitchers removed from my forehead.  The doctor who had stitched me said he put 11 stitches in, but the doctor on duty Friday only found 10!  I may still have one buried above my right eyebrow!

Sunday I preached from Matthew 4, where Jesus called some of the disciples to "come and follow" him.  It gave me opportunity to reflect on my call to ministry, and I included that in my sermon.  It is as fresh today as it was 27 years ago, when I felt God's call on my life to serve in pastoral ministry as my vocation in life.  The life of a pastor is not "what I do," as it is "who I am."  God has transformed my focus, my pursuits, my desires.

That's the way it should be with all Christians.  Being a Christian is not "what you do," it is "who you are."  Believers and followers of Christ find great joy and peace in that.

I have an appointment this afternoon (Monday) to see my primary doctor.  Last night, it seemed that my right foot was greatly swollen.  Sondra called the advice nurse last night to see what I should do.  Since I have symptoms of congestive heart failure, the doctor will check out to see if excess fluid is being retained.  I do not like going to the doctor, but this will give peace of mind to find out exactly what is going on.

Here are a few more photos of our trip to Solvang last week (windmill, clock tower, and Sondra at the small monument bust of Hans Christian Andersen):

Our church had a fun outing planned for today.  A group is going to the taping of the game show, "The Price Is Right."  Sondra and I were planning to go, but the doctor's appointment came up suddenly so we couldn't go.  Sondra's brother, Alden, went and we will hear about the trip from him tonight.

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