Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebration Sunday in Chatsworth

We had a good service at our Vision Plus Church worship hour in Riverside yesterday (Sunday) morning.  The Spirit of God seemed to be very present again as several felt a peace and renewed hope in some very desperate situations of their lives.  It was a joy to see some back in church after surgeries and hospitalization.

The afternoon was an exciting time of celebration for The Vision Plus Church2 of Chatsworth, held on the grounds of the Sunrise Senior Center in West Hills (the city adjacent to Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles).  Pastor George Nelson, a church planter sent out from our church two years ago, not only holds a worship service every Sunday afternoon in Chatsworth but also preaches at the Sunrise Center every Sunday morning.  Basically, he pastors two church fellowships at the same time.  We are so proud of his efforts and dedication.

So, yesterday we drove down to the Celebration Service, in which the focus was on the Second Year Anniversary of the church start in Chatsworth.  The director of the Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce was there, as well as the the Director of the Sunrise Senior Center, and several other churches in the area were represented as well.  With great music and special songs and various presentations, the day went smooth with sunshine and clear skies.  George had asked me to be the keynote speaker for the afternoon, so I preached a short sermon on the topic of "We Have A Mission To Accomplish."  The day ended with refreshments and a good time of fellowship.

                                                    A sign was made to give a message of "congratulations" for the celebration

                                                    Pastor George Nelson gave a warm welcome to all in attendance

                                                   The senior center residents enjoyed the day, even bringing their pets

                                                    Pastor George's oldest brother sang a couple of songs

                                                   Pastor Galen brought the day's message for the celebration

                                                   Sondra is standing outside the back entrance to the Sunrise Center

                                                    David and George are enjoying the day

The drive back takes almost two hours and we had given a ride to a church member from the church, therefore we did not get home until almost 8 pm. We were tired but filled with joy. It was a wonderful day.

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