Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun and Sun

Friday was a day at the races.  There are some men in the church who love to go out and have fun at outside events.  I was invited to go to the Santa Anita Racetrack with a group of three other men.  We are all older and love to have fun.  One of the men ("Big Jim") is a painter by trade, and he had some free tickets to the track given by the Vista Paint company.  It was the annual gathering of paint vendors and sponsorship of a "day at the races."  So, we got in free and also enjoyed a free lunch buffet.

On Saturday, I helped with a move for a couple in our church.  I asked a few of the guys in the Sober Living Program if they would help with the heavy lifting for the move and they were great.  We borrowed a medium-sized stake bed truck from Coronado Stone, and all the boxes and couches and tables fit!  It was actually a very smooth transition from a house in Ontario to Corona.  We got it all done fairly quickly and then took the guys to lunch.  I got a lot of sun that day!

Yesterday, our Sunday worship was a morning of music.  We hosted a concert by a small singing group called JOY from California Baptist University in Riverside.  These young people were enthusiastic, energetic, and spiritually-minded.  They expressed a love for the Lord both in song and in testimony.  They blessed us richly.

After the morning service, I was asked to go to the Southern California Fair in Perris (about 30 minutes away) to watch a Motorhome Demolition Derby at the dirt track there at the fairgrounds.  I had never heard of such a thing!  I agreed and went.  It was such an enjoyable evening, with perfect weather and good friends and an exciting time at the Fair.

First, they had a motorhome "jump."  A driver sped down the middle of the infield track at 60 mph and drove his mini-motorhome through two long motorhomes that were set up sideways.

Next, they had an Extreme Car Race (as they called it).  They had some old junkers drive down the straightaway backstretch of the track, driving around K-rail barriers on a water-soaked dirt track.  Cars crashed into each other as they wound through the maze of the barriers,  flats caused tires to come flying off, and they slid through the U-turns.  The race was six laps long.  It was fun to watch.

To close out the evening, they had the Motorhome Demolition Derby.  It was the first one ever.  They had six motorhomes.  They lined up three at one end and three at the other end.  They were to crash into each other by only driving backwards.  Those motorhomes did surely get beat up and tore up.  It's interesting how people are fascinated by destruction!  No one was hurt and it was very different, that's for sure!

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