Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun Celebration at Giovanni's Pizza

This has been a special week.  My brother David completed his parole this last Tuesday.  We went to a little pizza joint in Upland and had a wonderful night of pizza, relaxation and celebration.  Sondra and I were joined by Crystal's family (Shawn, Bailey and little Brynnlee), Evan and his girlfriend Callie, and also Julie (Roger was getting some work done on their sailboat).

Earlier in the day, David submitted his paperwork for a passport and will be waiting anxiously for that to come.  Yesterday (Wednesday), he got on a flight to Seattle to see his daughter.  What a great reunion that will be!

Sondra is not looking forward to this morning (Thursday).  She has been summoned for jury duty.  She is hoping she is not chosen to serve this time, as she has served before.  We took care of the two grand-daughters yesterday afternoon as Shawn and Crystal both had dentist appointments.  Little Brynlee is only two weeks old and is great fun to hold.  Bailey continues to be a sweet older sister and is very helpful.

Last Sunday we had the Darren Ridings family in concert.  They were to be with us a couple of weeks ago, but it didnt'work out.  They are a fun family and enjoy our church immensely.

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