Monday, November 7, 2011

David's Last Week in USA, Part One

Our brother David is leaving this Wednesday, November 9, to fly down to Chiapas, Mexico, to live.  Meche is very excited and we are happy for them both.

So, this past week we have been making some arrangements to see family and have family come together for a last time to say "adios" to David before he leaves.  Last Wednesday, we (David, Sondra and I) went over to nephew David's house (David, Charity and the three kids) in Riverside for lunch.  Our niece Alicia came over and joined us also.  It was fun and lively with the boys!

That night, Sondra and I attended a youth meeting at Immanuel Baptist Church in Highland.  Our good friend, Torie Anderson, was helping to coordinate a team from China as several shared testimonies.  A lady (given the English name "Jolly") was amazing as she shared her life story and danced for us.  She was one of the many trapped beneath the rubble in the China earthquake several years ago.  Both of her legs were amputated, so she now wears prostheses to walk and still dance!  Her love for the Lord was infectious.

Several of the team (including Torie) with Sondra.

Jolly dancing and showing her agility with prosthetic legs!

Mandy (translator), Jolly, Sondra and Galen.

On Thursday morning, we (again David, Sondra and I together) went over to nephew Kirk's house in Riverside.  Kirk and Tamra are very proud parents of little Ezekiel Zion Overstreet.  The baby has gone through so much already but is looking so strong and healthy now.  We all have seen the power of prayer and the joy of trusting God through those early days of premature birth and the complications that were life-threatening.  We had a wonderful visit with Kirk and Tamra, and seeing the little one look so precious.

Friday, David and I went over to the local Social Security office to get some things done.  We also went to the VA hospital in Loma Linda to request copies of our medical records for issues we need to follow up on.

In my next blog, I will show several pictures of our Saturday and Sunday times as we had some more family get-togethers.

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