Monday, February 6, 2012

Busy With Life

Last week was full of trying to get things sorted out -- old photos, scrapbooks, pictures albums, writings and such.  It is a never-ending process.

Shawn and Crystal began the move from their house in Ontario to another house in Fontana over the weekend.  The Fontana house is a little bigger, as it has three bedrooms.  The trouble was, Shawn hurt his right elbow after a freak accident climbing down onto a ladder in the garage.  Wednesday evening, Crystal took him to ER for stitches (actually staples) to fix a bleeding wound from the fall.  They took X-rays and there were no broken bones.

However, Friday night Shawn was back at the hospital as some infection had set in.  They gave him antibiotics and he will be fine.  It just made it a little more painful as they rented a truck to move all day Saturday, with help from a few friends.  Sondra and I took care of Bailey and Brynnlee overnight Friday, so that Crystal and Shawn could finish packing and get everything set for the move on Saturday.

Since yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, I preached on what it takes to be a fanatic, which is a person who shows excessive enthusiasm and undying devotion to a team.  I used this as a basis and framework for being a "fan," a fanatic, for Jesus.  The seven principles for being a fanatic are:

1.  Pick a team.  We choose to be on the Lord's side.  To not choose Jesus is to choose the opposition!
2.  Be verbal in your support at every opportunity.  Have a ready testimony.  Be not embarrassed to be a Christian!
3.  Attend and cheer.  Be at church to worship, study the Bible, have fellowship and praise God!
4.  Show support financially.  We give to those things in our life that have highest priority.  Let's give to the Lord!
5.  Get involved where needed.  Anywhere - church cleaning/repairs, lawn maintenance, nursery care, visitation!
6.  Be passionate.  You will find passion when the things of the Lord consume you!
7.  Stay loyal.  Be faithful every day, be faithful in  the face of opposition, be faithful to the end!

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