Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Raining Today

Yes, it is raining hard today.  That may not sound like a big deal, but we are well below our annual rainfall total for the year.  I like the rain and its soothing patter on the house.  It is a little colder than usual also.

Last week, our church took a trip to Hollywood for the taping of "The Price Is Right" show at the CBS studios.  There were 14 of us that went.  It was an all-day affair, as we left the church parking lot about 9:30 am and got home around 11 pm.  We stood in line, we waited patiently to get in the queue for the show, we were interviewed as possible contestants, we enjoyed the show and stopped to eat at Chili's restaurant on the way home.  It was an awesome day of friendship and fellowship.  None of were chosen as contestants, but it was a great day to spend together.

Last Wednesday, I led a Bible study on Elijah from the book of 1st Kings.  It shows Elijah in a state of sadness and dejection and near depression.  Even people of God struggle with emotions and feelings and moods at times.  Elijah felt this even at a time of great victory over the prophets of Baal.  When Queen Jezebel called for his life, he felt somewhat hopeless.  He had excessive fear.  He felt overwhelmed by problems and tried to run and escape.  He was tired and weary.  He called for God to take his life, where some even feel he had suicidal thoughts.  He held feelings of total rejection.

God's call to Elijah brought healing to his spirit.  In 1st Kings 19, God called Elijah to:
     (1)  Rest.  Our bodies need physical rest.
     (2)  Nourishment.  Our bodies require proper nutrition.
     (3)  Worship.  We need personal and intimate time with God.
     (4)  Search within.  We must examine ourselves and say, "What is the real problem?"
     (5)  Trust God.  We must address the faith issue within and obey God's instructions.
     (6)  Repent.  We must turn from wrong thinking, allowing God to correct our thoughts.
     (7)  Be courageous.  We must fight the spiritual battles with boldness, convinced of God's victory!

On Sunday, my message was about "True Love," as we are approaching Valentine's Day and the topic of love.  When we cannot adequately define love or even describe love, we must demonstrate love.

Love is demonstrated...
     1.  ...through unwavering commitment.
     2.  ...through undying patience.
     3.  ...through unfailing sacrifice.

Today is a holiday of sorts (Lincoln's Birthday), where banks and schools and government agencies are closed.  So, Sondra does not work today.  She has been quite sick these last few days with a deep cold - congestion and cough.  We will just take it easy today and rest.

As I looked at the calendar this past week, I was reminded of an "anniversary" of sorts.  On February 8, 2009, I suffered a heart attack and then had triple-bypass heart surgery.  Wow, three years have gone by quickly.  I am doing well these days.

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