Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Stands Still

When the focus in life revolves around time at a hospital or rehab facility for a loved one, life grinds to a halt.  Nothing else that is going on in the world has any significance -- any significant news in the world go unnoticed.  I have no clue what happened in the news world for these past four weeks.  I was wrapped up in the moment of my life and my world.

I drove back to Oklahoma with Sondra and an excited nephew, Mark Greenwalt, nearly five weeks ago.  A dear friend passed away and I was part of the memorial service to remember her (Doris Robinson) in 29 Palms, driving back to California from Shawnee.  Then, back to Shawnee and the annual Pow Wow at the Potawatomi grounds for the next weekend.  Taking mom to the doctor's appointments the following Monday-Tuesday, her primary doctor sent her by ambulance because her heart rate was alarmingly low.

The next two weeks were filled with time in the hospital waiting rooms, mom's hospital room and the hospital cafeteria.  In the midst of all this, we almost lost mom.  She went into a short diabetic coma with low sugar at one point.  Her heart rate was so faint at another point, that all seemed full of gloom and that the end was near.

The surgery for pacemaker went smoothly.  Neuropathy rose its ugly head to the point where mom could not walk.  Mom was sent to a skilled nursing facility, had some significant problems and was seen by her heart specialist again.  After x-rays, she was scheduled for surgery again to repair the lead wire that had come loose from the pacemaker.

In between, we spent time with son Jason and his family.  Kylee had made the life decision to follow Christ some months earlier and was waiting for me to come back and baptize her.  With all the chaos of the hospital, we decided to hold a private baptism ceremony in Jason's backyard, and it was very moving and special.

Mom's recovery has been slow but at least has been progressing.  The pain has subsided greatly in the arches of her feet, and she has "graduated" from a wheelchair to a four-legged cane.  She is therefore somewhat ambulatory and beginning to feel that she may eventually go home in the weeks ahead.  It is good to see her feel some optimism.  I talked to her yesterday and her spirits are good.

Coming home from Oklahoma, we were tired but happy to have spent time with mom in those critical days.  And, as a bonus, we were grateful to spend time with other family -- sister Marti and her husband Bill, brother Noel and his wife Janice and their Mark, and our son Jason and wife Shelly and the kids (Jace, Kylee and Macyn).  It was especially noteworthy to spend time with little two-year old Macyn, as we have not had significant time with her because of distance.  It was fun to get to know her very well, with all her energy and personality!

As we drove back to California, Crystal called and we spent time talking about our trip.  She and Shawn asked us to go with them to Las Vegas just to "get away."  We agreed.  We arrived at the Rio Hotel and Casino last Monday and left on Friday afternoon.  No gambling, just resting and relaxing.  Did a lot of buffets!  Eat, sleep, swim and enjoy.  We spent much time with Bailey and Brynnlee, the grandkids, the whole time.

Shawn's birthday was Friday.  We went to dinner this past Saturday night at Logan's Roadhouse (where you thrown the peanut shells on the floor).  Crystal made a banana pudding earlier, so we went back to their house for dessert and opening of gifts.  Sondra was trying to make it through the day -- her back was hurting and she was taking muscle relaxant that the doctor prescribed earlier in the day at Urgent Care.

Yesterday was a good day at church.  I was welcomed back with love and words of encourgement.

That's all for now.

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