Monday, August 6, 2012

Sailing to Channel Islands

Most of last week consisted of errands and visits for the church in the day, then watching the Olympics each evening.

Midweek, my brother Roger called and asked if I would accompany him on his sailboat.  He was planning to leave here (he lives close by in Fontana) on Friday morning, spend the night in the Channel Islands and then return home Saturday evening.  I agreed.

I picked Roger up and we bought some groceries, headed on to the Oxnard marina where the boat is tied up.  We left the harbor around 1:15 pm Friday and set sail for Santa Cruz Island, about 19 miles out.  We arrived at a small harbor at this uninhabited island and dropped anchor.  Roger barbecued steaks with baked potato for dinner!  We read, talked and enjoyed the beauty of God's magnificent creation (with a gentle rocking of the boat I might add).

We awoke the next morning and had scrambled eggs with pan-fried bacon (and some leftover steak as well), with cinnamon rolls and hot tea.  We played cards (the game "Hearts" with a dummy hand -- and sometimes I wondered if I was the dummy hand...ha ha.).  Leaving early in the afternoon back to mainland, we arrived at the Oxnard marina around 6 pm.  I got a lot of sun but had a very relaxed time.

Yesterday, at church, my brother John's son (John Ross II) and his wife Caryn and their two kids (Hannah and Seth) were in the worship hour with us.  John Ross had been pastoring a church down the highway but the church closed its doors as the community has changed.  It was good to visit and share with them in our worship setting.  It was a worship service in which many shared heart-felt needs of personal health, finances, jobs and relationships.  It was evident God was present in our time together.

Yesterday evening, my brother John and his wife Cathy came to Riverside to spend time with their three kids (adults who are married and all living in the Riverside area).  So, me and Sondra joined Roger at the Sizzler nearby to have dinner with John and Cathy.  It was a special time of food and fellowship, talking about old times and such.  Julie (Roger's wife) was out of town and not able to be with us.

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