Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Continuing Hospital Visits

So many are going through some very difficult hospital stays.  As I visit, it is so evident how important it is to sit down and listen to those in their respective places of confinement.  Hospitals are to be places of peace and healing, but sometimes that doesn't happen.  So sad.

We continue to visit a lady named Lacy.  She has a kidney problem and the doctors have made no headway, it seems, to find the root problem.

I go almost daily to visit a 51-year old man named David at the local county hospital near me.  He has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with no promise of arresting its deadly attack.  He has finally been given word that the first chemo treatment will be given, but we will see.  David is a man who has turned his life around after drugs and prison life.  He went back to school and earned a college degree this year.  He works at Coronado Stone manufacturing plant as a lead maintenance worker.  We pray for his condition daily.

My nephew (David Greenwalt) and his wife (Charity) had another baby boy and named him Wyatt Isaiah Greenwalt.  They now have four little boys!

Last week I sat down with a couple that has asked me to officiate their wedding in several weeks on October 6.  It is always a joy to share in the time of weddings and celebrations of new beginnings like that!

A week ago Monday we held a birthday party for a long-time family friend, Mr. K. L. Freeman, who turned 81.  We planned a get-together at a nearby restaurant and nine of us showed up.  But he didn't!  He is in poor health now and was not feeling up to it.  We ate and enjoyed a time of fellowship with each other, then several of us drove over to K.L.'s house and presented him with cards, gifts and a homemade dessert that he had requested (banana pudding).

Yesterday, I performed the memorial service for a dear friend, Robert W. Anderson Sr. He was an 86-year old WWII Navy veteran. He was a wonderful husband, dad and grandpa. He worked 24 years for Kaiser Steel, lived in Rialto for 54 years and just this year he and his wife celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary. He left a legacy indeed to this world! He loved the Lord and was active in church.

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