Monday, September 24, 2012

Ordination and Brynnlee's Birthday

The highlights of last week were the events yesterday (Sunday).

However, there were many visits again to hospitals, VA clinics, errands for church folk, speaking at Coronado Stone manufacturing for Thursday morning devotional at the plant and getting a check-up for blood thinner at the VA hospital for myself.

Last Friday was our grand-daughter Brynnlee's birthday.  She turned one year old!  So, on Friday evening, we met Crystal and her family at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour for dinner and ice cream desserts!  It was noisy and fun.

Yesterday was a big day in the life of our church.  We ordained another individual to the gospel ministry, Jack Shelton.  He has been a man who has been seeking God's direction for many years.  He is in his late 50s and has now fully surrendered to God's will for pursuing ministry.  Pastor Mike Yeamans (pastor of the La Sierra Baptist Church in Riverside and former staff member of our church)  led our Praise & Worship, and he also gave the Charge to the Candidate during the Ordination Ceremony.  I preached the Charge to the Church for the worship hour.

After church, Sondra and I (and Alden also) went over to Crystal and Shawn's house for a birthday party for Brynnlee.  Others who came were Evan and Callie, as well as good friends Lorn and Sharon Harrison.  Crystal made the birthday cake herself, and it was well done and she was so proud of it.  We had a wonderful afternoon together.

Before I forget, today is Meche's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Meche.  May you and David continue to be blessed down there in Chiapas, Mexico.

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