Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching Up, Part 7

We left Rialto on Thursday morning, November 15, and drove to Las Vegas.  This was the start of our Tennessee trip for Thanksgiving with our good friends, Randy and Vicki Smith.   They live in a fifth-wheel trailer at Douglas Dam in Sevierville, just outside of Knoxville.  They invited us to come to spend time with them, as they have been close friends since our days at Palms Baptist Church in 29 Palms.  Randy was a Marine stationed there with his family.  Our church licensed him to the ministry during those years.

In Las Vegas, we stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel for a night, as we had a very early flight out.  Our flight was from Las Vegas to Houston to Chicago and finally to Knoxville!  We arrived a little after  midnight Friday night, November 16.  For the next ten days, we had a whirlwind tour of the Knoxville area, as well as some side trips to some little towns in North Carolina and Virginia!

We were able to spend time with Randy and Vicki's adult children (and their families) -- Aimee, Randy Jr. and Ryan.  We also visited Vicki's dad, who is in a rehab center with Alzheimer's disease.  Randy's mom also lives at the campground in her own fifth-wheeler.  We stayed in a huge motorhome, which Randy and Vicki also own and allowed us to sleep in next to their spot.  Across the road was a man named Kenny, who is dying from lung cancer.  He has limited energy but went with me several times for breakfast (biscuits and gravy).  Kenny allowed me to ride his Harley motorcycle -- my fist ever to ride a Harley!  We attended church in the nearby town of Dandridge and enjoyed the pastor there.  Here are some pictures.

Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

Met up with pastor friend who pastors in Las Vegas for dinner.

There are even slot machines at the Las Vegas Airport.

Finally arrived in Knoxville after a full day of flying around the U.S.A.

This is the RV that Sondra and I stayed in.

This was my favorite breakfast spot!

This is Deep Springs Baptist Church in nearby Dandridge, TN.

This is where Randy works as the General Manager of the entire truckstop operation.

They have a chapel for truckers to come in for prayer and Sunday worship.

This is Randy in his office.

This was a drive-through light show experience in the Knoxville area.

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at Uncle Bob's (Vicki's uncle) restaurant in Talbott.

This is me and Sondra with Vicki's brother, Mike.

This is Randy and Vicki's daughter (Aimee) and her family.

Their son (Randy Jr.) and family.

Their daughter (Ryan) and her three girls.

Abingdon, Virginia

We saw the play "Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Goose" on stage in Abingdon.

We ate at the historic restaurant called The House.

Here is Vicki with her dad in the rehab center.

Here is me and Randy getting ready to ride the Harleys.

Oh, what fun!

This guy, Kenny, is very special and kind -- and, sadly, dying of lung cancer.

Randy and I toured this museum of antique motorcycles and cars.

Here is a view from the top floor of the museum in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Sondra and Vicki went shopping in town in the next town over -- Waynesville, North Carolina.

Here is Vicki and Randy, sitting with us at a little pastry shop in Waynesville.

We flew home on Monday, November 26, with many memories of fun times with great friends!

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