Saturday, July 25, 2009

Interesting Week

This week has been extremely interesting.

Monday was our son-in-law's (Shawn's) birthday. We went over and had cake with him and Crystal. Shawn just turned 33 years old. It was a special cake because Sondra made it that day. She made a German chocolate and it was delicious.

On Tuesday, I attended a Homecoming Committee meeting for California Baptist University in Riverside, my alma mater. It was the initial meeting of all alumni who might be interested in helping plan and coordinate the events for the annual homecoming of the school. The homecoming will be next year, February 12-13, 2010.

I showed up, just out of curiosity and wanting to help where needed. There were ten of us in attendance and we talked in general terms about themes and ideas for that weekend. Towards the close of the meeting, the school alumni director asked me if I would take the position of Chairman of the Homecoming Committee for 2010. I was taken aback as I was not even aware this might happen. However, I am excited and look forward to making the homecoming for Cal Baptist students a great time next February.

On Wednesday evening, we hosted our former Praise & Worship Leader, Mike Yeamans, for a night of singing and sharing. As most of you know, Mike was on staff here for seven years, and he is now the senior pastor of La Sierra Baptist Church. It is always a blessing when Mike and Corky can come back and lead us in song and praise to lift our hearts to heaven. In addition, their church keyboard player (Lois) came to play and sing with them.

Thursday, Sondra went to Myers school to get some last minutes things done and some other things cleared out. Just before leaving the school, she was walking across a grassy area, fell and severely sprained her right ankle. Her left ankle has previous problems, as there is no cartilage and may need surgery on that ankle sometime in the future. She is scheduled to get a foot brace for that left ankle next Tuesday. Anyway, we went to Urgent Care that evening, had a cast put on her right ankle, and she is now on crutches for two weeks.

But yesterday God really intervened for my health needs. Since Sondra retired early without enough years for continued paid health insurance (through Kaiser), I lost my health benefits. We are paying a monthly premium to keep Sondra on Kaiser, but we simply cannot afford the Kaiser premium for me and we were trusting that we might be able to look elsewhere to meet that need. So, yesterday (Friday) I went over to the Veterans Hospital in Loma Linda and applied for health care. Because of my recent heart bypass surgery, they immediately enrolled me and had me see a primary doctor that very afternoon while I was there. They even sent me upstairs to get an immediate blood draw to check my blood thinning level. What an answer to prayer, as there are some veterans that do not qualify for immediate care due to the case overload with returning vets. God opened all the doors and I do not have to worry about or pay for my health coverage now.

I continue to be amazed at how good God is to me and all his children!

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