Monday, May 28, 2012

Evan and Callie are Engaged!

This has been an exciting weekend.  On Friday night, Callie called and announced to us that Evan had proposed and that they are now officially engaged!  It was fun to hear the joy in both their voices as they shared the good news with us.  On Saturday morning, they came over to show us the ring and again they both were beaming and full of happiness.  They went to dinner in the Dos Lagos (Two Lakes) area of Corona.  There is a tunnel by the lakes, and that is where Evan got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

It is too soon to know about wedding plans, naturally, but it will probably be next Spring or early Summer.  No definite plans, of course.

Today is Memorial Day, and Sondra and I are just relaxing.  Yesterday, we had a special time to recognize the veterans in our congregation.  One of the ladies in the church has a special passion about veterans, as her father served and she now has a daughter serving in Afghanistan.

After church, we barbecued some steaks with Alden here at the house to enjoy them with us.  They tasted so good with sauteed mushrooms, baked potato, fresh corn on the cob, broccoli, salad and a hot berry pie a la mode!  During the afternoon, got to watch part of the Indy 500, some golf tournament on CBS, the Coca-Cola 600 Nascar race and then the Thunder-Spurs basketball game.  We ended the evening watching the season finale of "Harry's Law."  We really love that show too.

Last week we watched the grandkids here a couple of days.  They are so much fun.  Bailey loves to learn at "Grandma G's School," where Sondra gets out her Kindergarten teaching aids and helps Bailey learn to read.  Brynnlee is now crawling and starting to get into things, so we have to be more careful about what is on the floor and on tables where she can pull up!

Sondra and I decided to go see a movie last Tuesday (Senior Adult Day) and saw "The Avengers" for half price.  I am really not into Sci-Fi and the Super Heroes, but I must say this was a very entertaining and fun film to watch.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Pastor George Nelson was with us for the evening and he went with us too.  He loved it.

On Wednesday, the lady in our church who had been admitted to the hospital in Palm Springs had her baby (almost 4 weeks premature) early that morning.  Sondra and I drove out, as the mom (Lacy) was having trouble with bleeding problems.  She and the baby are doing well, the baby weighing in at 4 lbs 10 oz.  He is so cute.

Last Thursday evening, we were blessed to watch one of our church members graduate from Chaffey College in nearby Upland.  This man, David McCollough, a former parolee who is a house manager in our Sober Living program, has worked at Coronado Stone for several years now and has turned his life around.  With prison and drug problems behind him, he has renewed his relationship with his mom and sister as well as completed an Associate's degree while working full-time.  We went and watched him "walk the stage."  We are so proud of him.

Sondra and I drove down to La Jolla in San Diego on Friday, to beat the holiday rush.  We just spent the day reading and looking at the ocean view.  I finished reading my Dick Francis book, Banker.  I am a big fan of any Dick Francis book.  Many years ago, Dick Francis was a top-rated jockey in the U.K. and at times rode for the Queen of England.  In retirement, he wrote fiction mystery novels, where the plots all had some connection with horse racing.  He died a few years ago, and his son Felix now writes in the same style about horses, owners, deceit, murder and such within the racing community.  Dick Francis and John Grisham have been my two favorite fiction novelists over the years.

Naturally, we ate at Taco Fiesta that afternoon and Anthony's Seafood Restaurant that night before driving home.

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