Monday, August 17, 2009

Absolutely Too Much

This past week was so tiring but so fulfilling. It is amazing how busy we can be doing the work of the Lord, yet feel strong and refreshed when being at the right task at the right time to meet needs. Sometimes, I will admit, I am busy just with busy work of ministry administration. And that is not the same as ministry that meets needs of individuals at their point of hurt at that very moment. So I have to be careful and mindful of what is really important each day!

I continue to help with the Sober Living program for parolees at Coronado Stone manufacturing plant in Fontana. A new resident came last week and I got to sit down with him for some time, asking about his background and life. He has lost everything - job, kids, wife, marriage, money, house. But he has found a deep relationship with Jesus that makes life worth living. It is not easy, but God is faithful to give us strength for each day.

Over the weekend, Sondra and I went down to San Diego as I had been asked some time back to do a wedding there. I had met with the young couple several times earlier, naturally, and everything went well. They got married at Tom Ham's Lighthouse Restaurant on the San Diego harbor. The weather was perfect, the view was spectacular, and everyone had a wonderful time.

We stayed both Friday and Saturday nights at the Town and Country Hotel and actually took care of our grand-daughter Bailey, as Shawn and Crystal came for the wedding also. That made the weekend special too.

We left early Sunday morning to get to church on time. I had lined up one of the ordained ministers in our church (Pastor George Nelson) to preach. In addition, we had Rabbi Blue lead our time of praise and worship singing. You will be able to see photos on my church web site ( ) when I can finally get time to update it.

Then, after church, a group of us (mainly the men from the Sober houses) went to have lunch at the Dining Commons of California Baptist University about 10 miles away. Great food and an awesome time of fellowship. There was 32 of us for lunch!

Following that, Sondra and I went to a memorial service for Margaret Clouter, a friend and former attender of our church. Her daughter, Vicki Park, was a member of our church and brought her many times to worship with us before Margaret's health declined. The service was at First Baptist Church in Pomona in nearby Los Angeles county.

With a little time between ministry activity, I called my mom yesterday afternoon. It was her birthday. She turned 86 years old, and is still active in church and teaching a Sunday School class every week. She was in the hospital recently and diagnosed with pneumonia, but she is now recovering and getting stronger again each day. She is an amazing woman who has influenced many lives through her lifestyle, prayer life, church work and parenting!

After a short break and rest, George Nelson and I went to an Ordination Service at La Sierra Baptist Church in Riverside. Three men, all of whom had been members or attended our church, were ordained as deacons to serve in ministry ways. It was a very special time as we were included in the moving ceremony and prayer time.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will give a 10-minute devotional at Coronado Stone, as the owner is a Christian and has an open devotion time inside the plant for all to participate in if they so choose to come and listen. I love the opportunity and it has led to many relationships to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with many. I have baptized quite a few from the corporate setting because of this ministry opportunity.

Again, it was a busy week and weekend with little time to relax, but it is a truth that God's goodness and grace and love and power are all absolutely too much to miss out on! Hope you are having a great time in the Lord as well.

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