Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do You Love Your Bed?

We just got back from our trip to Oklahoma and Texas.  Do you ever go on a trip and stay in various beds, and then you come home and are so glad to be in your own bed?  That's what I felt last night.  It's good to go somewhere, but it's wonderful to come home too.  I slept very well last night in my own bed!

Sondra and I rented a PT Cruiser for our trip and had no troubles with it.  It is always a welcome relief to go on a road trip and not have a vehicle breakdown.  Amen!

Last week we spent time with mom.  She has recovered from her bout with pneumonia.  She was so insistent on seeing David upon her recovery that it was important for us to go see her, and then to take her to Texas.  She would have gotten on a bus by herself to go, if we had not taken her.

In addition, we got to spend a few days with our son Jason and his wife Shelly and our two grandkids, Jace and Kylee.  We picked Jace and Kylee up from school each afternoon and did something special with them.  One day, we took them (and my mom) to Pop's, the famous diner and gas station just north of Oklahoma City.  This place has hundreds and hundreds of the old soda drinks in bottles from the past.  I had a Nu-Grape and Sondra got a Nehi Orange, in addition to other root beers that were specialty blends.  It was a great time.

Then, off to Texas again.  After the first visit with David on Labor Day, mom and I went again last Saturday.  Actually, we left on Friday and arrived that evening.  There is a Hospitality House run by the Southern Baptist Church association there in Big Spring, Texas.  It gives free accomodation to anyone who is coming to visit an inmate there.  It was not fancy, naturally, but we each had separate rooms and they were clean and comfortable.  The bathrooms and showers were at the end of the hall, but that's okay with me.  The price was right!

I got in the visitation room on the first try!  We had a wonderful visit with David again.  We are looking forward to a federal hearing for him very soon.  At the end of the visit, various individuals (including David) looked outside and saw several inmates being taken to "the hole" as they were bleeding from a fight that just happened.  It was apparent that there might be a lockdown, as I found out when I questioned a guard as we left that afternoon.

So, that night, mom and I left for home (her home) in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  We got in around midnight.  The next day, Sunday, I decided to go on my own and visit a small church just to see what they do.  I ended up at Son Rise Baptist Church in McLoud.  There were about 25 in attendance.  Much singing and very friendly.

That night, Sondra and I spent time with my sister and brother-in-law (Marti and Bill) and had a very relaxing evening.  It is fun to just sit around and talk, reminisce, joke, be serious and to enjoy the company of family.

Monday morning, Sondra and I left Oklahoma.  Arrived in Gallup, New Mexico, that evening and decided to get a room at the Microtel there.  Enjoyed the sleep, got up the next morning and drove home by way of 29 Palms.  Went to lunch with our "mom" Doris Robinson and arrived in Rialto about 6 pm yesterday.

Got up early this morning and did the 8 am Devotion Time at Coronado Stone.  Then I took a homeless couple, who had called earlier, to apply for an apartment in San Bernardino.  They are trying so hard to get back on their feet.  I will baptize them soon, and then perform their wedding.  Life is full of things that satisfy and bring joy!

By the way, I got gas in Texas and Oklahoma for $2.19 a gallon.  It was $2.99 at Costco today when I filled up here!  Wow.  Back to reality here, that's for sure.

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