Thursday, September 3, 2009

Texas Trip

We have been frustrated with the judicial system in the case of our brother David, who is presently sitting in a federal facility in Big Spring, Texas.  After release from the California prison, he was held at the San Bernardino county jail waiting for the transfer to a federal prison.  Six months he sat waiting.  Finally, he was sent to Oklahoma City for clearing, and then was sent to Big Spring this past April.  I tried calling various correctional contacts found in government web sites, all to no avail.  Finally, I wrote a letter to my congressman in my district, and at first felt nothing was going to be done.  I had even hand-carried this letter to the congressman's office.  After several phone calls from a congressional aide and some conversation about the lack of action on the government's part and an email that I wrote back venting my emotions, something is finally happening.

I got a call from my brother Noel, who had been contacted by David.  (David tried to call me but my telephone system will not accept collect calls right now.)  David said that my letter to the congressman has done something to stir things up.  A congressional inquiry has been launched, and David's counselor at the facility said he most definitely will be getting a hearing.  We hope it is soon, but we can be pleased that something is in the works.

My mother is anxious to visit David, as we all are, but the timing just has not worked out for any of us kids to take her to Texas for the visit because of our work and schedules.  Well, Sondra and I are leaving this Friday to go to Shawnee and then to Texas (with mom in tow).  We are trusting that all works out.  It may be possible for my brother Noel and sister Marti and husband Bill to go as well.  We hope everything works out for all this.

Life is busy around here too.  Sondra is teaching as an Intervention Specialist (small group tutoring) to Kindergarten children at risk in their educational learning process.  She works three days a week (T-W-Th) for 3 hours each day.  It is relatively stress free and rather enjoyable.  During that time, I do daycare (babysit) with my little grand-daughter Bailey until Sondra returns home from school.

Last Tuesday, we had a memorial service for a dear friend and member of the church, Lynda Naumann.  What a precious soul and one who truly loved people.  She was generous with her time, her talents and her finances at different times.  Born into a Jewish family many years ago, she became born again about 35 years ago and was a strong woman who knew what she believed.

Last night at church, I led a Bible study on who Jesus is.  It is central that we understand and know how to communicate to others who Jesus is.  He (Jesus) is the cornerstone of our faith.  In the study, we discussed what other religious belief systems say about Jesus.  I looked at those in the study and said, "Who is Jesus to you?"  That is the most important question of life that we must answer.

I am so blessed with the opportunity to share my faith in so many ways and to so many people.  I am humbled that I can serve such an amazing and awesome God to build the Kingdom for the sake of eternity.

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