Monday, October 12, 2009

Evangelism and Excitement

Well, it's Monday morning again.  The weather has cooled off considerably.  And I am so thankful.  It was a long hot summer, and I do welcome any cold or rain or mist or fog now.

Last week was fun.  I took care of our grand-daughter Bailey all week, as Sondra was out of town.  It's amazing how much time and effort it takes to watch a little six-month old.  I napped when Bailey napped.  And that's the truth.

Sondra flew in this past Saturday evening late.  We went and got a bite to eat after she landed and so we didn't get home until almost midnight.

Yesterday was a busy day at church, and an interesting one.  An older couple attended and we began to ask their background.  They are from Iran, became Christians and because they have left their Muslim religion, they cannot return home.  The man said, "I am asking for political asylum here in American now."  We fail to realize how fortunate we are in our country to make decisions for Jesus and not have the suffering that befall others.  I also realize how much Christians take this liberty for granted.

I am so excited about other developments in our church.  Last Thursday, I did my church visitation in a home for Clean and Sober Living for women.  I had been invited to share with the House Manager about how to become a Christian.  She invited the others in the house to listen.  We all sat around a kitchen table and I presented the plan of salvation using the Bridge Illustration.  There were seven of us there.  At the end, I invited them all individually to tell me of their spiritual journey.  I asked them about their faith (or lack of faith) in Jesus and what they felt would happen after death.  Three of them made their commitment to Christ for salvation and the other three made commitments of rededication to the Lord.  What a night!

And then, on Saturday morning, I had an appointment to sit down with a high school young man as he had indicated he wanted to know more about how to become a Christian.  He is a world-class gymnast who may be competing next year in Poland for the World Championships.  His father is a man in my Clean and Sober Living program for parolees at Coronado Stone in Fontana.  This high school freshman boy lives with his grandmother close by and has been attending our church with his dad lately.  So, I sat down with Ryan and shared the gospel with him.  He was so open and ready to listen.  He prayed that morning to let Jesus be Lord and Savior.  What joy I have felt in these past few days.

Yesterday, at church, I preached on evangelism and the need to share our faith openly and boldly to as many as we can.  After my message, I opened the invitation time by asking those who were coming forward for salvation to stand on one side of the stage.  And then I asked for any five individuals to come forward and stand on the other side of the stage, if they would be willing to share the gospel with at least one person they did not know in this coming week.  I was asking them to witness to five people in five days.  Guess what?  Four people took the challenge and came forward.  What a blessing.

I have felt that God is calling us to be on mission and on fire.  The pursuit of RIOT (Revival In Our Time) is just the beginning stages of a major movement.  The new church start (The Vision Plus Church 2 of Chatsworth) had its second worship service yesterday afternoon.  A new attender from North Hollywood came.  Little by little, one by one, we will see a church blossom.

As you can see, I am amazed and overjoyed with what is happening lately.

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