Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy December Already

Last night we finally got our Christmas tree decorated. We got a 7 foot Spruce Pine, and I love the smell of pine needles. We do it the old-fashioned way, with twinkling lights and red beads and old ornaments made and bought over the years.  Did you notice that there are no presents under the tree?  We are still waiting for you to send them to us.....ha!  Seriously, it was fun to see it completed, as we had bought the tree last week and just didn't take the time until last night.  It makes the house so festive.

On another note, the 2010 Census for the U.S. will soon be taken.  Last week, a field worker for the Census came by our church to inquire about using our facilities for census training.  We agreed, as we want to be useful to the community in more ways than just church worship.  We want to use our buildings effectively to minister in every way possible. 

So, as the field worker explained the process, I also asked about hiring possibilities for census takers.  I am personally interested, as the church does not have the funds to pay me a salary at this time.  He gave me all the information about testing for both census takers and supervisors.  So, yesterday (Monday) morning I took the supervisor test and passed (because they correct the tests immediately and tell you your score!).  Next week, I take the next test to be qualified to work for the Census Bureau.  If you are interested or know of someone who might be looking for temporary work with the U.S. Census in their area, have them call 1-866-861-2010.

Yesterday afternoon, my brother David called from the Texas facility where he will be until June of next year (2010).  He is in good spirits, as he looks at the next 6 months going by quickly and finally getting out.  It cannot come soon enough for all of us!

Then, yesterday evening we went to dinner with a couple from the church.  They invited us to join them at the Red Lobster nearby.  What a sumptious meal.  We had lobster, with skewered shrimp and fried shrimp.  Then afterwards, the lady went to their car and brought me out a store-bought coconut cream pie (because she knows that is one of my favorites!).  It was a lovely evening with good friends and conversation.

Just a note about Sunday.  We had a group of church members (from children to adult) give a presentation with the Christmas theme, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I gave a short message on "joy" from the Luke 2 account of Jesus' birth.  During the altar call, a man and his girlfriend came forward to accept Jesus for salvation.  I had the wonderful joy and pleasure of leading them separately and individually in the sinner's prayer.  It was an exciting and emotional time.

On Sunday afternoon, I took a member of the church (who was recently ordained) to a church in Los Angeles where he was scheduled to speak to a recovery group.  We were only a block away from the church there when we noticed that my car was overheating.  We made it the last block and parked to let the engine cool before checking it out.  Well, the pressure cap was broken and blew off and sprayed me with very warm coolant water.  I was not hurt, but I was certainly thankful because it could have burned me severely under different circumstances.  Got a new radiator cap and drove home immediately, just to make sure I got home before dark.  I hate car trouble!  But I was safe and made it home safe.  All is good now.

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