Friday, December 11, 2009

Poetry Thoughts by Sister Marti

When is the last time you tried to write poetry?  Grade school?  College?  Probably a long time ago, right?  It is probably a good exercise and discipline to continue as we grow older.  Our wisdom sounds so much better when written in verse, rather than prose.

This is from my sister Marti's blog at:,
but from my title above it sounds like writings from a nun.  No worry.  It's just my big sister that I am giving some credit for poetic verse that came to her.  My sister wrote the following poem.  She asked for other verses, if we could come up with any, so my feeble attempt follows.  Marti is truly gifted in sharing her thoughts in words.  And, above all, she is my favorite sister!  (Did I tell you that she is my only sister?)

Christmas Poem by Marti Roberts

(I woke up this morning with the words of a poem going around in my head. I have written three verses, and maybe I will be inspired to write another verse soon. This is a Christmas poem for those I love who don't live near. If you have a verse to add, send it to me.  -----Marti)

My heart doesn't know inches or miles,
It doesn't know distance,  Only your smile.

My heart doesn't know minutes or hours,
It doesn't know time,  Only love's powers.

My heart doesn't know silver or gold,
It doesn't know wealth,  Only hugs that enfold.

My heart doesn't know lots of stuff,
It doesn't know reason,  Only faith - that's enough.

          (I just thought of this verse while typing. Smile!)

That's from Marti.

OK, now this is mine.  Those lines above are Marti's, and the ones below are mine.  These are the lines I came up with:

My heart doesn't know glory or fame,
It doesn't know ego,  Only a humble name.

My heart doesn't know beauty or even a scarred face,
It doesn't know appearance,  Only the inward place.

My heart doesn't know music or art,
It doesn't know the classics,  Only the hurt when we're apart.

My heart doesn't know when to start or to quit,
It doesn't know time constraints,  Only how to be passionate.

My heart doesn't know the depths of Sister Marti,
But now I must quit,  Because it's time to chow down and party. 
                 (This is not very spiritual, huh?)

Well, that was fun.

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