Saturday, April 17, 2010

San Diego Trip and More

This week just flew by.

On Monday, I went to the VA hospital for a dermatology appointment.  I had some spots on face, arms and scalp that needed looked at.  The scalp lesion is benign.  The cheek and arm spots were removed with the liquid nitrogen squirts.  My right cheek was a little red afterwards, so I asked the doctor if I needed to cover it with a bandage.  The doctor (a lady) said, "No, but you better not enter any beauty contests for at least two weeks."  I have one more week.....ha ha.

On Monday afternoon, I received an email from the Executive Director of the California Southern Baptist Convention, Fermin Whitaker.  He acknowledged the ministry we are doing at Vision Plus and gave me a word of encouragement.  He wrote that he had seen where I had Dr. Ellis (CBU) come to preach.  I then wrote back and invited Dr. Whitaker to come preach some time as well.  He said he would.

On Tuesday, I got an email from my friend who claims to be an atheist.  I posed many questions to him in the past, such as "what is good" and "where does one find the definition of good."  Interesting answers, to be sure.  It was curious that he took so little time to answer my questions, but rather took so much time to degrade the Christian answers to life suggested by the questions.  Makes me wonder.

On Wednesday, we had the Truth Project (Week 10) shown.  It was concerning the American Experiment by the Founding Fathers, with their commitment to name the Almighty God as the source of freedom and government for the early colonies.  Many documents by the first settlers incorporated the call of God to bring the gospel to this new land.  How far we have come from those spiritual and humble beginnings.

Yesterday (Friday) we left in the evening for San Diego.  We had an errand to take care of today (Saturday) with an appointment at 11 am.  So, I booked a room for $45 through Priceline, and got the Marriott in Mission Valley.  We took Alden with us for a little getaway.  After our appointment this morning, we ate breakfast at the Broken Yolk cafe in the Gaslamp District downtown.  After spending some hours walking around La Jolla Cove, we went to Ocean Beach to eat at the famous Hodad's hamburger joint.  Old and quaint and fun.  Great burgers, frings (fries and onion rings mixed) and milk shakes.  Then back home.  Quick trip, very enjoyable.

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