Thursday, April 29, 2010

Destined Appointment

Last Sunday night, I worked from midnight to 8:30 am Monday morning.  We are in the midst of the big push for the follow-up in the 2010 Census.  During this "graveyard" shift, I began to talk to one of my co-workers about his faith.  Ray (his real name) told me his pilgrimage from atheism to Christianity.  I was highly intrigued and pressed him on how this transformation occurred.  He said there were many factors, but one book really hit him hard.  It was The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.  I have read some of Strobel's works, but I have not read this book all the way through.  Strobel is a journalist who investigated the claims of Christ and turned to Jesus through his search.  Through this book, Ray became convinced of the reality of the work of Jesus Christ for salvation for all, even him!  He gave me his phone number and we will chat together more later!  It was an appointment God had set up for me that night!

On Wednesday morning, I was given the topic of "The Work of the Holy Spirit" for my morning speaking devotion time at Coronado Stone.  It was fascinating to share with those who came to the prayer time.

Wednesday night, we had our final session of the Truth Project.  This series is deep.  It is heavy.  It is like going to a seminary class setting and hearing a man talk about the issues of our culture and life that God speaks about in the Bible.  But it is right on target and powerful, well worth the time.  This last session was the wrap-up and became quite personal and emotional.  A fitting end to the series.

Thursday (yesterday) I was approached by the manager of my department to consider taking a promotion to a supervisor level in the office.  We talked at length and I accepted.  It will not take effect for a couple of weeks, but I felt honored and favored by God to be asked.  My immediate supervisor has let everyone know that I am "Pastor Galen" when I am nice, but then I am "Census Galen" when I have to talk straight and forceful to some who need to get back on task in the production time of work.  We laugh about it!

Last night, I went to Walgreens to pick up some ink cartridges I had dropped off on "Earth Day" lsat week.  They had an advertised special to refill cartridges on "Earth Day" for one dollar ($1) apiece.  I had left six cartridges, so last night I paid $6 for them, saving over $80 in the transaction.  Amazing deal!  While there, a young man standing in the photo area called me by name.  At first I didn't recognize him.  When he reminded me that he was Herbie who had lived in the Sober Houses at Coronado Stone some years ago, I knew instantly who he was.  We talked and enjoyed seeing each other.  One of the checkout ladies (in fact, the one who checked out my purchases) said, "So you are a pastor?"  Great lead line for me to jump on.  I said yes, and a discussion began about her need to get back in church.  I gave her my business card and we will see what happens.  It is absolutely astonishing how God places people in my path.

Today, Sondra's brother Alden went to a job fair in a nearby town and got a lead on a job with Chevron, a company he worked for and retired from.  He is excited.  We are asking God to open the doors for Alden in these days of his progress forward in life.

I will write more after this weekend.  Yesterday was my grandson Jace's 10th birthday in Oklahoma.  Tomorrow is my daughter (who lives close by here in Ontario) Crystal's 31st birthday.  We are going down to San Diego to stay overnight and celebrate her special day.  This coming Sunday in the worship service, we will be ordaining a young man named Jacob, who is also graduating from California Baptist University on Saturday.  What a weekend!  Hope yours is filled with joy and excitement, the kind that wells up from a glorious journey with Jesus every day.

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  1. I read two of Lee Strobels books a few years ago: The Case for Christ and The Case For Faith. His interviews with various scholars were very interesting, but I wish he would have argued points from the other side more agressively.