Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crystal's Birthday and Church Ordination

On April 30, 1979, we were at a hospital in Greenbrae (near San Francisco) for the birth of a baby.  We did not know if it would be a boy or girl.  We already had two boys, Jason (four and a half years old at the time) and Evan (almost two years old).  Secretly, we knew we wanted a girl.  But, as we always say, we will be happy with a boy if that's what God would give to us.  So it was especially sweet to see a baby girl born that day.  That was the first day of Crystal's life.  I was attending Golden Gate Seminary at the time.  We have enjoyed her so much and are proud of her in her journey of life.

This past Friday we drove down to San Diego to help Crystal celebrate her birthday.  Crystal wanted to eat at Tio Leo's for her birthday dinner, so Sondra and I met them there by driving there after work.

We just enjoyed the city and taking it easy, shopping and driving around.  We took care of Bailey Friday night and Saturday night, giving Shawn and Crystal some extra sleep each morning!  We had fun with Bailey, naturally.  Evan and Callie drove down Saturday afternoon and spent time with us as well.

Sondra and I (and Bailey) drove up early this morning (leaving at 7 am) from San Diego to drive straight to church.  Today was an awesome day in the life of The Vision Plus Church.  We ordained a young man named Jacob Stoutenburg, a student at Cal Baptist who just graduated yesterday (Saturday).  His family from Oregon was here, and his dad (previously a pastor of several Baptist churches) preached.  It was a very special and moving time for us as the body of Christ here.

In my personal life at work, the co-worker who is a former atheist (now Christian who loves Jesus with all his heart) told me he will be at my church next Sunday!  He could not attend today because of a previous commitment.  Wow, I am excited to see how God uses him as he shares his testimony in the weeks to come.

As I wrote previously, I have accepted a position in a supervisory capacity and it will take effect in two weeks.  It is interesting to have some acknowledge my promotion as they come by and congratulate me.  What an affirmation in the workplace!

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