Saturday, May 8, 2010

David Greenwalt in California

My brother David finally made it to California.  He has been incarcerated in the Big Spring, Texas, federal facility for over a year.  He is scheduled to be released from full federal custody in four weeks (June 5, to be exact).  His trip on a Greyhound bus was full of horror stories about the ride and the stops and lack of sleep for close to 30 hours.

I took him some clothes, toiletries and shower shoes last night.  He called and asked if we could bring some of those things by.  We were so glad to be able to do it for him.  He is in a Re-Entry House in a town close by.  This "halfway house" is close to our church as well.  I tried to visit him today, but we have to fill out paperwork and be approved.  So, probably next week we will go inside the house to visit.  We (me and Sondra) spent about 10 minutes talking to him this afternoon in a small entryway to the house.

David said there is a man there at the Rubidoux house that he was with in San Bernardino county jail prior to being sent to Texas.  This man said he wants to attend my church with David when they both have weekend privileges in a couple of weeks.

I had to work today.  We are being swamped with paperwork at the Census headquarters in Riverside.  It still is fascinating work, and I got 8 hours overtime today.  On Monday, May 17, I will start my new OOS (Operations Office Supervisor) position for the Field Operations section of our headquarters.

Tomorrow, we will celebrater Mother's Day at church with presentations and a focus on moms.  After church, we will go to dinner at Claim Jumper with our kids (and grand-daughter) who live near us.  We may take care of Bailey tomorrow afternoon after lunch too!

Hope you have a great Sunday, wherever you are!

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