Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday Night and I'm Tired

It has been a crazy schedule this week at work.  I had been working day shift, but because of the workload I switched to a "very early" morning shift, beginning at 3 am and getting off at 11:30 am.  That was because of down time on the computer system nationwide.  Well, we were told the computer system would be up 24 hours, so I worked the "graveyard shift" of 12 midnight to 8:30 am for a couple of days.  That didn't work out, as the systems couldn't handle the load.  So, back to 3 am start.

Again, I will be working tomorrow (Saturday) for 8 hours overtime, only this time a late start (ha ha) beginning at 4 am.  This was my first full week at the OOS position (see last blog) for the Census.  I am enjoying this work.  I continue to have meaningful conversations with others about life and my work as a pastor.  Several have commented that they want to come and attend my church sometime soon.

Sondra's brother (Alden) has recuperated again from another bout with chest congestion and bronchial issues.  He is continuing to improve in so many ways, especially in his outlook on life now.  He is a happy person again, and for that we are grateful.

My brother David is looking forward to the weeks ahead, with the release date of June 5.  I was told to watch for a package that was being sent to my house for David.  On Wednesday, two packages arrived.  There were items from mom, my sister Marti and mom's Sunday School class.  Mom lives in Shawnee but attends a church in the next town of Tecumseh.  The boxes contained all sorts of items, ranging from personal toiletry stuff and writing materials and towels and goodies and, most notably, a Bible with his name imprinted on the cover.  I also took him an electric beard trimmer.  Roger was to take him some shoes, and I bought him a few more shirts and pants and shoes as well.

David is able to leave the Federal Re-entry Transition house for only certain reasons.  He will be able to attend church with us this coming Sunday, but will only be allowed out of the house for a specified time limit (worship service only).  He is now eligible to go to various places to look for work and employment, if he chooses to find a job when he is released.  (He has been approved to receive his Social Security pension at the beginning of the month.)  I have set up an appointment for him to have an interview with Coronado Stone in Fontana on Monday afternoon.  That will be interesting!

I work tomorrow morning (4am-noon), and then I will run over to see David for a little while (visiting hours are from 9am - 5 pm).  I will need to go home and sleep and then get ready for church responsibilities.  This Sunday, we are having a gospel quartet group sing and one of my assistant pastors (Jim Lunak) preach.

The real crisis this week was Wednesday with Sondra.  She went to our local 24 Hour Fitness Center to work out in the morning.  She put her bag of clothes and makeup in a locker, without a lock (as she usually does).  But, this time, she forgot and dropped her keys in the gym bag as well.  Yep, you guessed it.  Her bag was stolen with her whole set of keys and membership card that had a copy of her driver's license attached.  So, whoever stole it had our address, the keys to her car and the keys to our house.  That was scary.

The police were called and management was to review the videotapes of that day.  We had the locks changed on the house, and Sondra took the car in to the local Nissan dealership to have the whole car re-keyed and the electronic key reset.  It was going to cost over $1,100, and the car was to be ready today.  But, of all things, Sondra got a call that her keys had been returned (but not her bag, but who cares).  She quickly called the Nissan dealer, and (some would call a coincidence and some a movement of God's hand in the situation) she was told that the parts had been sent to Tennesse and the car had not been re-keyed.

Can you believe that?  God orchestrated that the parts would not arrive in time, and therefore we were spared an expense of over $1000!  God is awesome!  Sondra and I went to Dickey's BBQ to eat and celebrate tonight.

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