Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday (Mother's Day) was a fun and wonderful day.

The morning worship at church was such a time of celebration and excitement.  As usual, we had presentations for all the mothers who were present.  The children were asked to take small bags of gifts to each mom, and then they were asked to present gifts to moms other than their own mother.  That was really special.  There were some special guests and visitors who came, and they shared how blessed they were to be there.

After church, we went to Claim Jumper for lunch.  Yes, it was a long wait but worth the time.  It was a festive spirit in the air as everyone was in a happy mood for Mother's Day.  Evan and Callie, Shawn and Crystal and Bailey, and Sondra and I sat at a table to eat a very tasty meal.  The food seemed better than usual, so we thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon together.

The Claim Jumper we ate at was next door to a Wal-Mart, so we ducked in real quick to get a few items for my brother David.  He had told us that he needed a laundry bag, some laundry soap and some Brylcreem for his hair.  I didn't know that they even sold Brylcreem still ("a little dab will do you"), because I remembered it from my younger days.  Guess what?  They still sell it.  For you that don't know about it, it is a man's hair lotion, not a gel like today's products.

After lunch and shopping, Evan reminded us that he had a softball game at 3 pm.  He asked us to go to the game.  We were hoping to get a needed nap and some rest at home, but we wanted to see him play so we went to the Big League Dreams field next to Jurupa Valley High School (not too far from our church).  We got there a little late, as the game had already started.  So far, he was hitless in two at-bats.  After we got there, he got two straight hits when he came up to bat.  I told him we were his good-luck charm!

After the game, we went to the Rubidoux Transition House to take the items to David.  I asked if I could take a quick picture of him to send to family members (actually playing on their emotions by mentioning that our mother is almost 87 years old and lives in Oklahoma).  They agreed so I will include a photo of David for you to see.  I also ran to the store and bought him a pre-paid phone card to help with his calls.  He cannot use a cell phone in the house, but he can use one when he has the privilege of being outside the house after a couple of weeks.

Then we went home and I fell asleep watching a ball game.  I was awakened when company came over.  The landlord (our good friend from Rialto church days in the 1970s) needed to come over and deal with a "bee situation" in one of the back walls of the house.  K.L. Freeman and his wife and oldest son (Greg) also went with us to the local Farmer Boys restaurant for a quick snack before dealing with the bees.

It was a long and enjoyable day with family and friends and good memories.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  2. Morning Pastor Galen. You had an eventful wonderfully blessed day! Great pictures! I see our Christian Academy across the street from where David is residing. I forgot there was a facility there. Njoy your day!

  3. Uncle David and Uncle John look very similar these days.