Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bailey's Real Birthday Party

Monday, April 4, was the real day of Bailey's birth.  So, we had a "real" birthday party for her, with special guests and family.  K. L Freeman (our landlord and very good friend of almost 40 years) and his wife (Miles) were here with us.  Alden came over for the special dinner.  And, naturally, Shawn and Crystal and Bailey, as well as their little dog Boomer.  With me and Sondra and David, there were 9 of us and a dog!  We managed to squeeze around the table for chicken and rice and beans and birthday cake.  Bailey squealed with each new toy and loved blowing out the candles on the cake.

Earlier in the day, Sondra picked up Bailey and took her to Lowe's to buy some items to make a garden of flowers.  Bailey helped with the soil, the flowers, the watering and the care of the new garden!  She is so proud.

It was a day of fun, a day of sun, and a day of "done" with planting!

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