Saturday, April 2, 2011

San DIego with Bailey

Next Monday, April 4, is our grand-daughter Bailey's birthday.  She will turn two years old.  We wanted to take her on a little "birthday trip" before the day, so we picked her up this past Thursday morning very early and drove down to San Diego.  We didn't do any big spending on  theme parks and such, as we just wanted to make it a special fun day with Papa G (me) and Grandma G (Sondra).

We drove over to Mission Beach first.  It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day.  Bailey was napping, and we drove over to Allied Gardens (a suburban area of San Diego near Qualcomm Stadium) and found a park to play.  Allied Gardens is where I grew up for my elementary and junior high school years.  It is a memory-laden place for me, very pleasant and enjoyable to visit.

After lunch at Taco Fiesta, we headed over to Balboa Park in downtown San Diego.  They have a carousel there, and they used to have a small train for children to ride.  The train is gone, and the carousel was closed until summer.

So we found another playground, this time with much sand for Bailey to use her plastic shovel and bucket.  They had a lot of miniature animals to climb and touch in this park, and that was fun for Bailey.

To end the trip, we stopped at the Foster Freeze in Allied Gardens on Waring Road for ice cream.  It was a warm day, and chocolate ice cream in a cup, vanilla ice cream in a cone, and a hot fudge and peanut butter sundae topped off a wonderful day.

Friday was a day of catching up on errands and resting a little.  David and I also went to get haircuts as well.  Just as a sneak photo, I got out my cell phone and took a picture of David getting his haircut.  I commented that all the hair from previous haircuts were dark in color, but after his time in the barber's chair there was a flurry of white hair settling down on the floor.....ha ha.

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