Monday, May 2, 2011

This morning, I was lazy about getting up.  My Sunday was a longer day than usual, as far as being out and about.

Yesterday, We had a wonderful worship service as we saw people in action with love and giving. 

A young boy in our church has just started attending lately, as he is currently living with his grandparents.  This youngster will be graduating from the 8th grade soon, and the school has a trip planned as they will go to Universal Studios in Hollywood.  This young man, knowing that his sister wants to go on another local outing at Scandia (a miniature golf complex with video game rooms), was also aware that there was not enough money for both he and his sister to go.

The boy told his grandpa that he would forego his trip in order that his sister could go on hers.  A lady in our church found out about it and decided to help.  Without letting the family know, she went around and got as many church folk to donate for this young man.  Within a short time, we gave almost $60 to the grandfather to help the boy go to Hollywood with his class.  With a giving heart, willing to give up his enjoyment of a special outing, we wanted to reward that kind of kid!  The church was blessed as it gave.

After church, Sondra and I went over to 29 Palms (about 95 miles away).  The church there is a church that I pastored from 1986 - 1992.  We still have such good friends and fond memories of the ministry during those years.  One friend in particular, Doris Robinson, is a very special person indeed.  She was the youth leader and her husband was one of the finest deacons I ever had in church life.

We actually went to 29 Palms to see her and some friends to eat out and then planned to attend a special service at the church.  The church was hosting the president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (in northern California) where I graduated from.  However, as the afternoon progressed, we felt inclined to sit and talk with Doris at her home for several hours instead of attending the service.

I won't bore you with details of our visit, but it was one of those unique times where friends share and time is not a factor.  We arrived in 29 Palms around 3:30 pm, ate dinner at Edchada's Mexican Restaurant in town, and then talked until 8:30 pm when we finally drove back home.  We were tired but full of joy.  It was a special evening.

This morning, being lazy, David and I picked up our brother Roger in nearby Fontana.  We then went to Bob's Big Boy in Norco for breakfast.  I love their breakfast bar and it only costs $6.99, all you can eat.  When I can go to a place and have all the biscuits and gravy I want, I'm in heaven.....ha ha.

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