Monday, May 9, 2011

Writing A Book

My brother David is trying to complete his manuscript to get a book published soon.  The plot takes place mainly in the state of Chiapas in Mexico, where he lived for many years.  He has been in contact with several companies who do self-publishing for writers.

It has caused me to think about publishing some of the things I have written over the years.  Specifically, I wrote a self-study book to help guide individuals as they read through the Bible.  The book is written in Question and Answer format to assist the reader in focusing on content when reading Scripture.  I have found that most people (yes, most Christians) have not read the Bible all the way through.  So, this book was originally written about 8 years ago when some ladies in my church asked for something that would help them read the Bible.

Therefore, I have spent the last several weeks re-working my manuscript and getting it ready for self-publication.  Now, all I need is the financing to get it done.....ha!  Please send all your donations to me as soon as you can.....chuckle, chuckle!  Seriously, I really believe this will get done soon.

Last week was filled with some sadness.  Since I am still assisting the Sober Living Program for parolees at Coronado Stone, I see what problems and challenges the men face after release.  One young man was beaten severely and robbed at a convenience store last week.  Taken to the local county hospital and put into an induced coma, this individual will not be coming home anytime soon.  I went to visit him last Tuesday morning.  Tubes and monitors everywhere.  He was conscious and mouthed small responses when we talked to him.  Saturday, I visited him again and the tubes were gone and he was alert and focused.  He still faces an uphill battle to regain his strength and physical abilities, but we are praying for God's mighty hand of healing to prevail.  He was greatly encouraged each time we visited.

Our daughter Crystal had a birthday on April 30, and she and Shawn (and Bailey) went to San Francisco for a weekend birthday trip.  Because of that, we were not able to have a birthday dinner or celebration on her actual birthday.  As Evan's birthday is now coming up (May 12), everyone agreed that a birthday dinner for them both on the weekend between their birthdays would be fun.  So, last Friday night we all went out to Eddie's Cucina Italiana dinner house and had a great time.  Here is a picture of Evan (holding Bailey) and Crystal.

On Saturday, I went to a monthly pastors' meeting at the Associational office in Riverside.  The ladies of the church had a picnic fellowship planned at a park nearby, so I went over and took some pictures as they prepared to start their day of fun and food.  Sondra had been asked to lead a short devotional, so she prepared and shared some thoughts on the Shunamite woman who showed great faith in God.

Yesterday (Sunday) was Mother's Day.  What an exciting day we had at church.  Our music minister is a truck driver for a concrete company, and he was called to work early Sunday morning so he was late.  A new member of the church, who has some background in leading music and worship in the church setting, agreed to step in for the day.  During the service, we honored the moms who were in attendance, giving them an array of gifts - flowers, perfume boxes, and glass votive candle holders with tea light candles of various scents.  My message was about the Canaanite woman who came to Jesus, asking for healing for her demon-possessed daughter.  Because of her persistence and humility and faith, Jesus healed the girl.  Jesus said to the woman, "You have great faith."  What a powerful statement.  We all can take note and come to the Lord with boldness and know that he cares for us.  We need that belief and trust, whereby God will say to us, "You have great faith!"

Evan and Callie came to our church for the worship service.  Afterwards, Evan took Callie home for her to spend the day with her mom.  Then Evan joined us (Sondra and me and Alden) for dinner at the Lone Star restaurant in Corona.  It was busy, but because we only had a party of four we were seated imimediately!  The place has waitresses who do a bit of line dancing at various times of the meal.  The food was great and Sondra was very pleased with it all.

Yesterday evening we went to the local Olive Garden for a birthday dinner of Mr. K. L. Freeman's wife, Miles.  Mr. Freeman is a close family friend who is up in years and invites us to many special events.  We were tired but knew it was meaningful to him and we enjoyed the evening.

I slept very well last night!

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