Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heading to Missouri

Tomorrow (Monday, June 6), Sondra and I will be flying out to Springfield, Missouri, where my brother Noel and his family live.  Noel has been given an opening to get consultation from the Cleveland Clinic for his heart condition.  This hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, is ranked the Number #1 heart hospital in all of America.

So, we will fly to Missouri and drive Noel to Cleveland for his appointment.  We will stay until tests and consultations have been completed there.  Then, we will drive back to Missouri and fly home on Monday, June 13.  We are praying that this will be a very productive and beneficial trip to the doctors in Cleveland.

This past weekend, our church held a Men's Retreat in association with another church (La Sierra Baptist Church in Riverside).  Including myself, we had 10 men from the church attend, and there were 10 from the La Sierra Church.  The theme was "Fighting the Good Fight."  It was to help the men find ways to live out the Christian faith in such a way as to find victory and joy in every situation.  Because we live in a world with problems and hurts, we fight the spiritual battles each and every day.

It was a wonderful time at the retreat.  I spoke at the Saturday morning session, but I was just greatly blessed to be there for a time of fellowship and relaxation and quiet moments.  It was a very spiritual time for many of the guys as some of them had never attended a church men's retreat.

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