Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Week

It is always such a joy to have all our kids and grandkids together.  This past week was a special time for us.  Monday was a day of relaxation and spending time together with no agenda.  Those are very nice days to enjoy every once in a while.

On Tuesday, we got up early and took Jace and Kylee to the local Krispy Kreme for hot doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.  Then we were on our way to Legoland in Carlsbad (near Oceanside and San  Diego).  It was great weather and a fun time at this theme park.  All the sculptures and  buildings and rides were naturally done with the theme of Legos.  There were some incredible Lego structures built with thousands and thousands of Legos!

That evening we took Jace and Kylee to the campground at Mission Bay where Shawn and Crystal had rented a space for their fifth-wheel trailer.  They took their boat for going around the bay as well.  For three nights, all the kids and grandkids (Jason and family, Crystal and family, and Evan) stayed at the campground and had a wonderful time of beach, campfires, barbecues and boating.  Evan had brought his tent down so he had a place to stay with them as well.  I booked a room through Priceline and so Sondra and I were able to get a very decent price for a nice room at the Hyatt Regency near Mission Beach.  (We took care of Macyn on Wednesday and she had fun at the hotel pool with Grandma G!)

On Thursday evening, we returned home.  The kids and grandkids came back Friday (yesterday) morning, as Jason and his family left late in the afternoon to go back to Oklahoma.  It was sad to see them go home, but such a joy to have spent the week sharing good times together.

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