Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Feeling Well This Weekend

This will be a short blog.  I have not been feeling too well all weekend long, alternating between fever and chills and all.  I called a man in the church to preach, so everything was covered as far as church was concerned.  I really miss being at church with the congregation when I am away or ill.  Everything went well in the worship hour, according to all the ones I spoke to.

I just received a good word about my brother Noel.  He had his pacemaker replaced today at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital.  About 12:30 pm (Central Time) the doctor put the new pacemaker in.  He told Janice that all went well.  Noel will rest a while and then go home to his apartment in Shawnee.  We are very hopeful that this new pacemaker will help alleviate many of the heart-pounding problems he has been having in the past.

Last week we saw the latest Mission Impossible movie.  I think I liked it better that any of the others made to date.  Other than some other errands here and there, we did not do too much lately, being tired and sick.  The only other thing of note is the creation and ordering of a new church calendar for 2012, through the photo department of WalGreen's online.  Many of our church people enjoy having a calendar that shows the events from last year, and they put it in prominent places for others to see as a way to promote our church!

That's it for now.

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