Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Early Spring Cleaning

We are trying to get rid of items that have been stored for several years in a storage site, and that will also help us cut costs at the same time.  I have way too many books and too many items from past mission trips and vacations.  It is painful for me to give these up, but the time has come to do so.

Sondra and I have been at the storage unit several days last week and two days this week so far.  I have found some of my writings from college days, as well as other writings from the years of pastoring.  Also, we have found many photos of years past.  It is interesting to see the stages of life through pictures, both black & white and color.  That says how old I am.....ha ha.

Both Shawn and Evan have helped on different days, and we have sure made good use of Shawn's pickup truck.  We are trying to get everything finished this afternoon, so we don't have to pay another month's rent on the storage unit.  So, everything these past six days has revolved around rummaging through personal stuff and throwing out needless stuff and giving away good stuff.

Sunday was a very good day of fellowship and worship.  We took part of the morning worship time for testimonies and praise reports.  It was Day of Prayer for the Southern Baptist Convention, so my message focused on Stephen in the book of Acts and his prayer before being killed by an angry mob.  Stephen was martyred by those who felt his faith and belief was heresy, as Stephen proclaimed that Jesus was the Messiah.

As he was being stoned to death, Stephen's prayer was for those who were killing them.  He asked God to forgive their sins and to "lay not this sin to their charge."  Through this powerful act of grace in prayer, the seed was being planted for a young man named Saul to come to faith.  Saul, on a journey not too much later on the road to Damascus, would be faced with the challenge to believe and obey the call of Jesus.  The prayer of Stephen had great effect ultimately.

We, as Christians, need to have that kind of faith.  That kind of prayer life comes from a Spirit-filled lifestyle.  Stephen, in several verses, was said to be "full of the Holy Spirit."  When we are full, there is room for nothing else.  When we are full of God's Spirit, there is room for nothing else to crowd in and distract or deceive us.  We are to be focused and full of what the Lord has for us!

Sondra attended a Bridal Shower for Gail Anderson, who is engaged to Jack Shelton, in our church.  They had a great time, from all reports.

After eating at The Hat, a wonderful place for pastrami and potato salad and french fries, Alden and I went home and watched sports most of the day -- golf, Pro Bowl football game, Lakers, Clippers and all.

So, yesterday and today we have been back to the grind of sorting through memories and trash.....ha ha.  I will sure be glad when this is done!


  1. I'm about 20 years behind you on gathering momentos but am already feeling the need to purge. I just can't imagine how to do it. Why do we hold on to STUFF?
    Lots of love to you guys.

    1. Everything I want to keep has such a special memory attached to it, and I guess I feel that if I get rid of it I am dishonoring that memory! At this stage in my life, it really is fun to look at little treasures and think back to the great memories they hold. But, space and finances dictate some decisions.....ha ha. However, it has been a feeling of freedom to let go of those things and march on!