Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

It was an interesting week leading up to Father's Day.

Last week our landlord was cited by the city for overgrown trees and shrubs around our house. He usually takes care of the yard but his health has prevented it lately. My health did not allow me to do the hard task of cutting big tree limbs either. So, I asked a man in the church who does not have employment at this time to help me. He was so agreeable and happy to help. Each day for three days, I would pick him up and he would work diligently in the yard. And each day after a long hot time of toiling with a chainsaw and leaf bags, he would look at me with great sincerity and say, "Thank you for letting me do this. Thank you for trusting me to help." Of course, I thanked him profusely for his generous time and effort. In fact, I was very humbled by his attitude. He worked hard and thanked me so much for the opportunity to help!

It reminded me again that each one of us needs to be needed. Each one of us needs to feel we are special and useful to someone. I have had several individuals in my pastoral journey look at me and cry, "I'm not special to anyone." There is no response to this that is satisfying to a person with low self-esteem, one who is wallowing in pity or who does not feel loved. There is no human response that is acceptable to that individual. However, and this is the best answer, there is a God who loves you and keeps you and never turns you away. You really are special. You really are needed. You really are loved. And it's the Heavenly Father who tells us that. When we don't feel loved by those around us, we only have to look up and feel the abundant love from above. That's all we need!

And that's what Father's Day was all about. Being needed and being special. In my sermon yesterday, I talked about the three main aspects of the job description for any father. As a dad, I must provide, protect and instruct. That's my job. I love my kids, and I did my best to give them the material things they needed, to give them protection from harm and danger, and to give them knowledge about how to live and love and think and make priorities and have a spiritual walk. I want the best for my kids.

But, the greatest thing in all of life is to know the Father who sits on the throne of the Ages. I can go to my Father in Heaven. Guess what? He wants the best for me, more than I could ever imagine or desire. He provides for my every need, protects me from every harm, and gives me amazing direction and understanding for both temporal and eternal life. God loves us most!

Yesterday was a wonderful Father's Day. We went to dinner and I had a delicious rib dinner. Me and food get along great. Maybe too well. Anyway, me and Sondra and Evan and Crystal and Shawn and, of course, little baby Bailey, all crowded around a restaurant table and we had a blessed evening together. We went back to Shawn and Crystal's and they all gave me cards and new clothes. Guess what? No ties! Don't need those anymore, anyway. And just being together made it special. Didn't need the gifts, but they sure are fun to get.

Jason called from Oklahoma and made it real special too. Got to talk to grandson Jace. He seems so grown up at times. While he was back here a few weeks ago, I was watching the old, old shows on the Encore Western channel on TV, and I happened to watch the old "Cheyenne" show with Clint Walker. Jace watched it with me several times. He's hooked now. He went home and now watches it. On the phone yesterday, he said, "Papa G, I've taped five shows of Cheyenne. We'll watch them when you get here." Life is good. It was a great Father's Day!

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